Kogan Is Selling Legit Board Games Now

Image: Kogan

And not the shitty ones your parents played in the 80's, either.

There seems to be no end in sight to the expansion plans for Ruslan Kogan's online retailer. And given that Kogan has been selling gaming laptops - or laptops targeted at gamers, anyway - and console games, why not sell board games too?

And we're not talking your cookie cutter crap like Monopoly and Upwords. Those are available as well, but there's also a small selection of Fantasy Flight Games, classics like Munchkin, gateway board games like Ticket to Ride, and even fun little card games like Sushi Go.

The prices aren't terrible either. Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Mysterium - what is fucking Mysterium doing on Kogan - are sold out, but you can still get Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Desert, Ultimate Werewolf, Star Wars Rebellion and Dixit.

Image: Kogan

What is going on?

Kogan stocks plenty of "board games" that you'd expect from a retailer taking on Harvey Norman and co. of this world. Out of the 58 products currently on offer, 40 of them are from Hasbro, and most of those are variations of Battleship, Scrabble, Chess and so on.

But there's also Catan. Fury of Dracula. Codenames. Eldritch Horror. And the prices are about on par with what you'd get from a normal games store, which is handy if you're already buying other things (like a slow cooker, a magic whisk, an iPhone 7) from Kogan.

Head here if you want to check out the full list. You can also add your email to things like Mysterium so you can get notified when they're next available; hopefully the next shipment is available before Christmas.


    Eh... you can get Catan cheaper at Ozgameshop (free shipping).

      That's what I was going to go looking for, cheers!

        Shipping from the UK takes a bloody long time though.

          I'm not sure what it's like for board game sized packages, but books and games are usually about a week.

          Not as long as it takes to play Monopoly...

            Everyone complains about Monopoly taking a long time to play but that's because everyone house rules it to oblivion.

            A game of Monopoly by the correct rules is actually very brief. You could probably knock it out in about the time it takes me to set up and explain Agricola.

            Step 1: Read the rules. Do not make any additions. No free parking. No going around the board once before purchasing. None of that nonsense.

            Step 2: Before setting up the board, instead put the rules back into the box, put the box in the bin and set the contents of your bin on fire.

              Yes this.

              Also - did I miss you at PAX or did you not make it to PAX? :)

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