Kotaku's Static Podcast: Are Game Reviews Redundant Or Important?

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Videogame reviews: redundant or important? Is it legal to carry a knife? How to take down the internet and how much it costs, plus we answer your question: Is the F word offensive anymore?

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo Australia's Campbell Simpson, Lifehacker Australia's Spandas Lui and Kotaku Australia's Hayley Williams.

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    I don't think game reviews help all that much. If you're interested in a game, there's likely more than enough gameplay footage online to see what a game is like, and if you're interested, then just buy it and without knowing all of the 'faults' that people are talking about.
    No Man's Sky is a bad example for having a pro-reviewer stance. That game looked sub average when it was revealed, and didn't get any better as time came. Many people (myself included) called it out as a shallow grind fest made up of shooting rocks and plants.
    Like I did back in the 90's I buy games based on interest, and over the years, many of the 'average' games have grown on because I experienced them without knowing what they are about in depth.

    I find it weird to see JB actively discouraging purchasing any item like that :/

      they probably got sick of people asking for refunds.

      who knows, it may be the 2016 version of E.T.

    I feel like reviews were more important back when I was younger, they helped me develop my taste in games and understand how games are an appreciable medium rather than just something to be consumed and discarded without much thought. But nowadays I pretty much know whether I want a game or not from its initial reveal, reviews don't really play much of a part beyond doing what Haley said - either helping to reinforce my opinions by expressing stuff that I couldn't necessarily do myself or pointing out stuff that I wasn't conscious of or missed entirely.

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