Lucio Player Puts Together Ultimate Boops Remix

It's hard to hate Overwatch's Lucio. No matter how many times he blasts you off a ledge or drops down unexpectedly from the side of a wall, he's just too upbeat to get angry at.

That's why Thomas Turbado's latest video highlighting the DJ's mechanics is so full of good vibes, whether you like playing Lucio or not.

Getting booped to death has never felt so life-affirming. Set to a mix of Satellites (Qulinez Remix) and Overtime (Vicetone Remix), Turbado's rampage feels to right to be wrong.


    We could all learn something from this Lucio.

      Yeah holy heck. That is some quality Lucio play right there. I play him a fair bit and now I just feel inadequate. Have to remember to more boosted wall running boops in the future

        I just don't get how they do it. Like, yeah they say use boost more than heal so you can move faster. But I feel like I need to have it on heal so long as there's enemy players in view, otherwise I just die. Though granted possibly because I'm playing with a larger screen with the health meter out in my peripheral vision I can't really see it dropping down at all so most deaths are just "out of nowhere" (but I swear sometimes there's no "being fired upon" indication in the middle for the first half of what I get to see in the kill cam). Also still can't figure out htf they wall run so much and so easily, I'm lucky if I can consistently use a single wall let alone transfer to a second :P

          Positioning is one of those skills that's really hard to see if you're stuffing up, and I'm pretty sure we have been.

            I know I have. My greatest skill in this game seems to be finding pieces of geometry to get stuck on while trying to evade someone else.

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