Melbourne's Mixing Tennis With Esports

Image: Hisense Arena

In one of the more unusual combinations to kick off 2017, Melbourne will be holding a two day event at Hisense Arena.

It won't be for tennis, though. It's for esports.

Called the Melbourne Egames Expo - or MEGEX for short - the event will showcase several games including League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo, Minecraft, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike. It'll be held just as the Australian Open is coming to a close - the Grand Slam doesn't finish until January 29, so it'll be interesting to see what the reaction from the tennis-loving crowd is to video games.

If I was the organiser, I'd be hoping that the Aussie Open doesn't get another spate of 40 degree weather. That won't do wonders for a bunch of networked PCs.

But I digress. The landing page says there will be showmatches, an expo, freeplay stations, a meet and greet with professional gamers, a Pro-Am, and a "pro-gamer team competition on stage" presumably for some of the bigger titles. (Unless there's a massive professional Minecraft team league that has been silent in Australia until now.)

MEGEX has an official account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, although the Twitter account hasn't been used as of yet and the other social media channels have all been about PAX Australia of late. We'll undoubtedly hear more details fairly soon, since January isn't too far away - and if they're going to be within pegging distance of the Australian Open, chances are there is a huge marketing blast on the way.


    FFS ... I spoke with VicGov about making Victoria an eSports hub when that whole International eSports Council thing was getting setup prior to the Olympics and do you know what I was told?

    1) The Government only wants to focus on the casual mobile market in terms of games because that was 'Melbourne's Strength'

    2) There was already enough eSports in Melbourne because Crown were running a $50k CS:GO tournament.

    ... and yet here we are. Hosting a goddamn expo on it. Thank God someone took the initiative to get this up ... I am absolutely red-hot-mad-keen to get involved.

    it'll be interesting to see what the reaction from the tennis-loving crowd is to video games.
    I'm not sure my opinion counts as I'm part of the tennis-loving crowd and the gaming crowd but either way, looks good to me. $45 according to the website and one of the activities (along with the matches/freeplay) is "Tutorial by a pro-gamer" oooooooh shit..

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