More Companies Are Getting Into The Backpack VR Market

Image: ZOTAC

Given that VR is starting to head down the wireless route, the principle of backpack computers seems like a market with a very limited leash.

One of VR's biggest problem right now is wires. There's too many of them, they're a tripping hazard, and it ruins the immersion. So one of the interim responses has been to create portable computers, keeping all of the wires around your body and shoulders rather than lying on the ground.

Image: ZOTAC

MSI got in the game early, and ZOTAC has now joined the fray with the ZOTAC VR GO. It's got an Intel i7 CPU (but we don't know which model yet — possibly Kaby Lake), 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a GeForce GTX 1070 mobile chip, three USB 3.0/3.1 connectors, an SD card reader, four HDMI/DisplayPort inputs, two 3.5mm audio ports, an M.2 PCI-e SSD and a custom-built motherboard and air cooling unit.

The whole thing is battery powered as well, but we don't know what the battery life is yet. There's no price or specific release date either, but it's expected that the VR GO will make an appearance at CES in early January. I'll be at CES this year, so if I spot it on the show floor and get some time with it I'll let you know what it's like.


    On the other hand you've then got a chance for some really awful borg cosplay I suppose.

    If you're running this with an HTC Vive, won't you need wires running from the backpack to the motion tracking base stations?

      No, the lighthouse base stations are passive and simply supply tracking points in the environment.

        Fair enough. Presumably the Oculus Rift isn't so lucky with its cameras?

          new in to out tech just been almost totally finalized..... means all tracking will be done from the HMD.. came from the hololens also carmack was working on it for rift

          sensors such as the vive and rift are seen as outside - in

            Yeah, the inside-out VR tech Microsoft was showing off recently seemed to have largely flown under the radar despite it being potentially a game-changer for the tech.

    or good for Lanning I spose?

    Any word on Alienware bringing their prototypes they used with Zero Latency to consumer market?

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