New Google Experiment Tries To Guess What Your Crappy Drawings Are

The idea behind Google Experiments' Quick, Draw! is to teach a neural network to recognise everyday objects based on the rushed scribbles of flawed humans. If it can figure out what I'm drawing, it can do anything.

Quick, Draw! players are tasked with sketching out six different objects per game using mouse to touchscreen. The neural network has 10 seconds to figure out what the thing they're drawing is supposed to be. Sometimes it works very well. Other times, not so much. It's not my fault, really. Some neural networks just don't "get" my art.

Once the game is over, players can look through drawings created by other players to see what influenced the neural network to recognise objects.

It's a very cool little experiment with the potential to eat large chunks of your time if you aren't careful. Visit Quick, Draw! at your own peril.

You can get more information on this and other cool machine learning projects over at Google's AI Experiments page.



    Motivated by ScribbleTaku by any chance? :-P

    Oh god no...... Why would people actively choose to teach it??? Well I suppose life as a battery wont be too bad.....

      America just voted Trump as their next president. The computers are likely to take a look at this and say, "Screw this, we're out of here!"

      Then they will form a giant space ship (Japanese mech style) and flee.

    I wonder how many pictures of phallic objects it receives per day...

    This is gonna get real good at identifying cocks and not much else.

    This game doesn't seem to recognise australian power outlets.

    It's a neat toy but you can tell it only knows about a few distinct objects and it's just cycling through that list. I drew a few things that could be a number of things (eg. My peas could have been a choc chip cookie or bowling ball and my waterslide could have been a snake or the start of a rope) and it picked them out despite the ambiguity. It's kind of impressive at times though. It picked out my monkey when I'd only drawn a couple of lines for arms (in the classic scratching head and side pose) and a circle for the head despite none of the source material it showed looking remotely like it.

    "Draw SQUIGGLE"

    "I see... animal migration"

    You flatter me, Google experiments.

    It's so full of squiggly mouse drawings that it usually does better the worse you draw. It kinda struggles with my graphic tablet sketches.

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