New MMORPG Ends Service, Folks Think They Know Why 

On Tuesday, free-to-play MMORPG Chaos Saga launched in Japan. Yesterday, less than 24 hours later, the game's service suddenly ended. Some wonder if the reason was that Chaos Saga's characters look very familiar.

[Image via 2ch]

Chaos Saga is from, a major Japanese streaming and online video rental service. It also has released adult games as well as non-adult browser games and MMORPGs such as Chaos Saga.

The game's official site currently reads in large red letters, "Notice of Service Ending."

So, what's the deal? Online, some think that Chaos Saga's characters look like Final Fantasy XI's. Here is a comparison:

[Image via 2ch]

Japanese website Afternoon News points out that Chaos Saga even had this character:

[Image via suitekiya2]


To be fair, maybe the game was canned for another reason? Hours after the game launched, maintenance was announced, so there could have been other problems with Chaos Saga. Right? Well...

A spokesperson for the game told Afternoon News that the game was cancelled due to "various reasons".

Chaos, indeed. 


    On the plus side, it's not like the devs lost much work in the cancellation.

    They ... they included a chocobo?
    Ripping some other character models, sure, *maybe* people won't notice. But ripping a Chocobo as well? Seriously?

    Maybe they just forgot about all their placeholders..?

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