Nintendo Shipped Over 10 Million Copies Of Pokemon Sun And Moon 

While we don't yet have sales numbers, we do have Pokemon Sun and Moon's worldwide shipment numbers. And they are nuts.

[Image: Pokemon Sun Moon Official]

According to Famitsu, the initial launch day shipment of Pokemon Sun and Moon was over 10 million copies. That's not only 1.5 times larger than the initial shipment launch of Pokemon X and Y, but it's also the biggest launch release of any Nintendo 3DS game ever.

To date, Pokemon X and Y is the biggest selling Nintendo 3DS title with 15.64 million copies sold worldwide. Who wants to bet Sun and Moon surpasses that?


    Yep, Nintendo's clearly doomed. -_-

    Cool. Now they should learn to ship the Mini NES properly and stop wasting my fucking time for me.

      Poor old neckbeard and the fomo. Get a life champ. You missed out on a limited run product, dry your eyes.

        Limited run? Never heard that. Doesn't really make any sense, there is insane demand and Nintendo is in the business of making money.

        Lots of people want to try out the classics they may have missed out on originally or no longer have the console from their childhood. Our household is one of each. Also something simple for the younger ones, get an introduction to how it all started.

          I wonder if the demand will be so insane after December 25...

      You are aware it's easier to make a game cart than a console right? Be patient and they'll do another release, if the thing is selling out it makes sense to do more batches.

        Not. The fucking. Point.
        Upset people have NO USE for your logic. Try this tactic to your girlfriend and see how long your relationship lasts.

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