Nintendo Throws Some Shade With New Animal Crossing Update

The update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf has added a range of new Nintendo themed Fortune Cookie prizes, including a Wii U. While game consoles have been present as items in Animal Crossing since the 2001 Gamecube release, the wording on the fortune that nets you a Wii U is pointed, to say the least.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf you've always been able to win prizes from Fortune Cookies in Timmy and Tommy's shop. Usually the winning fortune will make a reference to the item you'll win - a Mario-related item might reference a princess being in another castle, for instance.

This is what the fortune that wins you a Wii U says:

Ouch! Hopefully the villagers in Animal Crossing will give the console the appreciation it deserves.


    An Animal Crossing release on the console would have been all I needed to make the purchase.

    The Wii-U was my favourite and most used console of the generation, so I'm still very happy with my purchase, and there are still a few games I want but haven't bought yet, so no complaints from me.

    One of the things I miss the most on today's Animal Crossing, no NES games.

    I really hope they have been cooking up a full blown sequel for the Switch. The mobile game would be a perfect way to build momentum and some sort of connectivity between the two would be amazing. It would be great to have a few extra bells when you start your new town.

    It's a bit ironic given that Nintendo is the one that's killing the WiiU off at the moment by not supporting it because of the imminent Switch release.

      Let's be real though... I doubt it would have gotten any better. As much as I love the odd duck, the world wasn't going to turn around and pay attention no matter how much Nintendo threw at it.

    Heh, oh Nintendo.. so true though. 1000s of hours of great content sitting right there. It'll be looked back on fondly.

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