Nintendo’s Mysterious Miitopia Looks Like A Mii-Based RPG

For a little while now we’ve been curious about Nintendo’s mysterious Miitopia, mentioned in various financial reports but never actually revealed. This morning, the game emerged. It may not shock you to hear that it’s full of Miis. Alongside this morning’s Animal Crossing presentation, Nintendo announced plans for a Miitopia Direct in Japan on Saturday. They also released a demo for the game, which sort of looks like a cross between Tomodachi Life and that one StreetPass game where you try to rescue your Mii. Thanks to GoNintendo’s Daan Koopman, you can watch the Japanese demo above. (It isn’t a gameplay demo – instead, it inserts your 3DS’s Mii into a trailer for the game.)

No sign of Western release yet, but the game comes out this December for 3DS in Japan.

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