Now Way More People Can Play The Zero Escape Series

Now Way More People Can Play The Zero Escape Series

If you’ve always wanted to play 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward but don’t have a handheld, you’re now in luck. Both visual novels are coming to PS4, Vita and PC next autumn. Developer Spike Chunsoft is packaging the two in a compilation they’re calling Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. Aksys, the publisher behind the PlayStation versions, says the games are both “rebuilt from the ground up” and will have fresh HD paint as well as both English and Japanese voice acting.

Although Aksys says on the PlayStation Blog that this port is “exclusive to PS4 and Vita”, that’s not true – Spike Chunsoft tells us it’s coming to PC as well. (There’s also a Steam page up now.) Game companies tend to have interesting definitions of the word “exclusive”.


  • Fantastic games. I would say they are more suited to mobile, though. I loved them on DS and 3DS and think they need that handheld feel. Maybe iOS and Android one day?

  • Oh man, this is great news. I loved the first two games, but when I tried revisiting them after playing Zero Time Dilemma (especially the first game), it just wasn’t as engaging. The addition of voices (even if some parts were cringy) really did help to cement the characters and make me care for them. They also made me rethink my previous idea of what certain characters were like (*cough* Junpei *cough*) after hearing them speak.
    I just hope they reuse the same voice actors for certain roles.

  • These are very special games.

    I played 999 at the same time as Bioshock Infinite. The two are sort of thematically similar, and I had a better time with 999 in the end.

    Virtue’s Last Reward is quite obtuse when it comes to some puzzles, and be warned for either game if you go hunting for hints or outright solutions you risk spoiling some or all of the story.

    Also, don’t play them one after the other like a binge-session.

    These games require multiple playthroughs, and you should absolutely spend some time to contemplate after getting each game’s complete plethora of endings. It’ll make your enjoyment of the series overall much more complete, trust me.

    I got Zero Time Dilemma on 3DS as soon as it was available on the eshop, but I am yet to play it. I need time to savour it.

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