Off Topic: Chewing Gum

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Amongst the tech websites in our office, we have a serious problem.

Chewing gum. We can't get enough of the stuff.

Above you'll see a photo of what encompasses a "typical" situation in our office. Someone - usually Hayley, myself, Mark or our publisher Danny - will buy a little jar of Extra chewing gum.

And it'll be gone. Hours later. We literally eat it like candy.

There are side effects to this. It says so on the label. But we've also developed preferences as well. Bubblegum flavour is first. Always first. And then there's lemon and lime. If those aren't available, perhaps peppermint. And then there's that God awful spearmint extra chemical whitening crap that nobody has a good time with.

Do you enjoy chewing gum? And do you go through it as rapidly as our office does, or do you have some measure of sanity?


    Because I drink my weight in coffee every day, I need a good, strong mint. And the best strong mint is pepper. I could go a pack a day, but for obvious reasons I try to ration the gum around meetings.

    Being in Queensland, if I buy the five pack multipack, they go stale super fast, and it's just not the same when that happens.

    I've tried the bottle too, and it's only marginally better.

    Humidity is just, it's just the worst.

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    Spearmint > peppermint.

    Though not a gum guy at all, and usually prefer hubba bubba over chewing gum. Though that said I do have a packet of cinnamon gum I grabbed at a candy store a while back. Think it's only had two pieces or so used so far :P

    Like a dyslexic fool, I decided to get braces at 31 instead of 13. No regrets, but I'm buying Extra in bulk.. like, 24 packs of 12 at a time. Every 3-4 weeks.

    I had to switch from the pellet gum to the non-coated stick gum, which was a bit of a transition.

    I used to prefer spearmint over peppermint, but after getting the super f*** up-your-mouth strength mint for a stretch, my preference switched.

    These days i pretty much go through a bottle of extra white every 3-4 days. TV commercials have subliminally trained me to have at least 2 pieces minimum per chew sesh (sometimes 3), and I also seem to spit out the gum not long after the mint is gone, or every time i use the restroom (thanks in part to "The League").

    So yeah, i have alot of gum...

    i want to work in your office, at least i know there will always be gum for me, my preferences are almost the exact opposite (spearmint is the Mimikyu of the gum world, just replace its adorableness with regret).

    used to chew a lot but it's bad for my teeth now.

    Lol, have you guys even read the label on the chewing gums. It says "excess consumption may have a laxative effect". I don't want to be around the offices...

    If I'm not drinking a coffee or eating something I generally always have some gum in at work. Prefer PK to Extra though. And I can happily chew the same bit of gum for hours, while most people it seems spit it out after the flavour is done.

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