Open-World Conan Survival Game Coming To Xbox One, PC Early Access In January

Funcom's taking its Conan licence to a much harsher environment next year with Conan Exiles, an open-world survival game that challenges players to tame a barbarian wasteland and uncover its secrets. Xbox One players will be able to get in on the action next autumn via the preview program.

I'm getting a very Ark: Survival Evolved vibe from what I've seen of Conan Exiles so far, but we'll know for certain once the game hits PC early access on January 31. Then players will be able to band together on servers to build up their clan from ragtag band to dominant power, or go it alone, uncovering the mysteries of the ancient ruins that littler the harsh landscapes.

Funcom celebrates the announcement with a new gameplay trailer, giving players a taste of what they will be conquering next year. Check out the game's official website for more info.


    *munches on popcorn*

    Tut tut look at those naked men and women.... tut tut...

      You know you can't take the position of "both sides!!!!" and then mock an entire side, right?

        *dips finger in water*

        Man this bait is awesome.

        Gotta get me some more...

        *toddles off to bait shop*.

        *does whatever he likes*

        Last edited 23/11/16 11:23 am

          I laughed.

          At least you didn't downvote me this time though hey :)

            I only downvote when necessary :P I've upvoted you in the past too remember :)

      I think the board game has better nakedness.

        I've got the board game and the minis! You should come see!

          Oh, I will. I will :-)

          EDIT: And why am I not surprised you have it :-P

          Last edited 24/11/16 2:37 pm

    Ooohh an open-world survival game in early access, quite the original concept

      Yep, looks pretty shitty as well. Like most open-world survival games. They would have done better using a Witcher 3-type third-person open world. What's the use of multiplayer when everyone wants to be the Conan ;-)

        Check out their latest Dev vid, it has definitely improved some.

    Checkout the up skirt action with the statue of Zeus! Flagrant fan service!

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