Overwatch Halloween Event Ends Early, Leaving Some Players Hanging

Yesterday, Overwatch's Halloween event came to a conclusion. All those snazzy skins went back into the vault, never to be released again until society reaches sufficient levels of spookiness. Problem is, the event ended a bit earlier than Blizzard forecasted, and some players were banking on those final few moments. You might think, "Why the hell did they wait so long to buy Witch Mercy, that shining beacon for all the internet's thirst?" Well, top-tier skins are expensive, and many players decided to grind loot boxes until the very last second in hopes that their favourite skin would drop. When it didn't, they figured they'd just purchase it at, say, 9:30AM or 9:45AM AEDT - shortly before the event's stated end time of 10:00AM AEDT.

Unfortunately, Blizzard cleared Overwatch's cobwebs and herded its Frankensteins back into their trademark Frankenstein Pen (TM) at around 9:00AM AEDT. Now there are countless threads on the official Overwatch forums and the game's subreddit that amount to, essentially, "Hey, I was still using that!"

Nestled between all the ire, some people have made constructive suggestions, like a countdown timer to the conclusion of future events. That way, there won't be any room for confusion or doubt.

Others want Blizzard to briefly bring back the event so they can snatch the skins they spent weeks coveting from afar. As of now, Blizzard has yet to respond.

Did you come away from Overwatch's Halloween event with all the skins you wanted? Or did you also wait until its final moments, only to be spurned by the hoary old forces of time and maybe, like, a server error?


    I actually stocked all my boxes during the event and opened them all on Monday, got all the skin except Mercy and pharah from boxes and bought them instead and ended up with 1600 odd gold currency left.

    Oh dang it, I missed the whole event

    Made sure I just brought the skins I absolutely wanted (Mercy and Junkenstein) but was fortunate to get all but Bastion and Zenyatta to drop, but no big loss as I rarely play either.

    I wasn't going to risk not getting Witch Mercy, so I bought it on Monday

    I ended up paying for about 60 boxes and ground about 20 more. I got everything except for the Pharah skin and the Junkenstein skin, neither of which I wanted much anyway. That Symmetra skin and the Mercy skin are where it's at. Plus the Reinhardt emote and the Ana emote. Classic.

      Can you buy boxes with an in game currency now or is it still real money only?

      If its real money you can see why they love putting people under pressure to buy stuff with timed events.

    This upset me as well, I was really hoping to get Hanzo's Skin and Mercy's but didn't get the chance as I was waiting for the last few crates and if I didn't get them then, I was going to purchase some since I didn't have 3000 (was very close though)

    But I guess i'll have to wait until next year, I only hope people still play it then, especially since I have the ps4 version.

    Hopefully some other good skins come between that time too.

    Got everything I wanted, except the Roadhog skin. Not too big a loss really, dont play him much.

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