Overwatch Voice Actors Hanging Out Is The Best

Sometimes, all you want in life is an opportunity to hang out and talk shit. With Overwatch voice actors.

While Australia was preoccupied with PAX Australia over the weekend, people were having fun at Blizzcon. And one group doing just that: the voice actors behind Overwatch.

Jonny Cruz, who voices Lucio, went around the Blizzard campus recording one-liners with other Overwatch stars.

It's pretty amazing.

I bet Reaper could do an amazing Skeletor.


    I want more. D=

      Ditto, that was awesome, but I main Junkrat, where was he :)

    They had the Winston voice actor (Crispen Freeman?) on the Overwatch Sound panel, it was pretty great

    Seeing the faces behind voice actors always feels really odd. Cool, but odd because you already have a preconception about what they should look like based on the characters which almost never translates to real life. Seeing the voice actors for MLP was the most jarring because I'd just assumed they'd have to run their lines through a modulator, when in reality they really do sound that high pitched

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    Not a big fan of the game but the seem to have good chemistry. An animated show would be cool.

      I could watch the raw sound studio footage and still be impressed by this if it ever happened.

      The good chemistry is doubly impressive considering they've probably spent very little time together IRL (probably only cons and promo stuff).

    Interesting to see some likenesses between characters and their voice actors

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