Overwatch's Big Sombra Update Is Now Live

Professional advocate for every shade of purple (and also hacker) Sombra is now available to play on Overwatch's live servers.

Update 1.5 is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to Sombra, it adds a slew of new modes as part of a new Arcade feature; a new map, Ecopoint: Antarctica, to accommodate a couple of those new modes; season three of competitive play (which doesn't kick off until November 30); and a bunch of balance changes. The full patch notes are here.


    What's this about Pharah being able to fly to infinity and beyond now?

    Any other major changes?

      Posted the full patch notes above if you're interested but I think the only other major hero change is that Torbjorn now generates scrap constantly (don't need to pick it up).

      Other than that a bunch of balance things, Dva got a buff, Mei and Lucio got a nerf. Zarya seems to have a huge nerf to her barriers but I didn't play on the PTR so I'm not sure how good/bad it is in-game.


        I'm eager to jump on to Battle Net to try all this out, but is the Arcade as we know it gone? 1 v 1 bouts are hard to get my head around. I wonder how they would work.

        I wonder how long the longer Ult-charges will effect things?

        Happy about Torbjorn's changes overall.

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