People Are Still Competing To Beat A Mini-Game Record In Smash Melee

The Super Smash Bros. Home-Run contest always felt like a joke. Ha-ha, the developers must have thought, Let's have a mode where you hit a bag with anime eyes with a bat across a field. Pass the Asahi.


Where is the drama? The art?

On Tuesday, these questions were answered when HRC typo, a Super Smash Bros. Melee — yes, 2001's Melee — player beat out the alleged Japanese record-holder for hitting the bag with the Home-Run Bat as Captain Falcon, an impressively niche thing to master. HRC really hit it out of the park at 2221.3 metres, ha-ha, ha-ha.

Actually, though, the video is perfect. It's hard not to admire his precision. In the 10 seconds he has to weaken the bag as much as possible, this guy tosses the bat at it nine times. And then, while it's still in-air, he lands the clutchest of clutch Falcon Punches right to its bag-gut.

The previous alleged record holder doesn't land his punch in exactly the same spot as HRC, which is maybe why he was beaten out:

(Via Shoryuken)


    That was such a fun part of the game, I spent ages in there with all the different characters. It's very satisfying.

    And here I was thinking my score of a couple hundred was really good. :|

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