People Have Already Cleared Final Fantasy 15 In Japan

People Have Already Cleared Final Fantasy 15 In Japan

Yesterday, Final Fantasy 15 went on sale in Japan. Lots of people bought it, and now, there are already players who have cleared the game’s main story.

[Image: lzuniy]

Note: This article contains some spoilers.

One Twitter user named Kyosuke claims to have already finished the game in 13 hours and 57 minutes, adding that he lost about 45 minutes due to an in-game glitch he encountered once while playing.

Also, Kyosuke says he didn’t skip any cutscenes. Below is a photo of the ending credits he tweeted out.

Here is a player who cleared it in 15 hours.

You can see the certification of completion you get when finishing the game as well as the playtime, the date and the player’s level.

Another claims to have completed the game in 10 hours and 36 minutes, uploading this certificate of completion photo to 2ch, Japan’s largest bulletin board:

People Have Already Cleared Final Fantasy 15 In Japan(Image: 2ch)

[Image: 2ch]

That’s rather quick, no? That number, the player says, is with skipping the cutscenes. So that’s this player’s actual gameplay time.

Last year, Hajime Tabata told Kotaku that they “were aiming so that the entire [FF15] story could potentially be cleared within 40 hours”. He then added, “But looking at the current volume of what’s becoming available, it’s looking harder and harder to clear within that time. So it’s something that we’re gauging right now and trying to work around.”

Our Jason Schreier finished Final Fantasy 15’s main story in around 20 hours. This Japanese player just finished the game yesterday, a hair quicker than that.

However, Jason spent around 35 hours doing other quests and hunts, for over 55 hours in FF15. So if people are going to race through the game, then they can probably finish it rather quickly. But if they want to spend more time in the game, there is much more to do and explore.

Obviously, the vast majority of players in Japan haven’t cleared the game yet. But no doubt hardcore players are bound to do so shortly. By today, even!

If you haven’t read Kotaku‘s Final Fantasy 15 review, you can do that right here.


  • I can’t relate to this at all. I’ll usually do all the sidequests in order to prolong the length of the game. Getting it and smashing through it immediately seems like it’s taking all the fun out of it. Like if you went to the botanic gardens, then just sprinted from the entrance to the exit and said “Yep, I’m done here”. Sure, you technically started and finished in the same place as everyone else, but you certainly didn’t stop to smell the roses along the way.

    • I’m with you.
      If you’re enjoying something, what’s the point of rushing?

      That said, I remember when I was a kid there was huge pride in being the first kid in school to get through a game.
      Pre-internet, achievements, side-quests ect – you’d just get a copy of something and charge through it so you could say you did.
      That or just lie about finishing it. Once the console went off it was impossible to tell back in those days.

      Maybe it’s that kind of satisfaction for some people.

      • Finishing in itself is satisfying to some people. Not me, I rarely (if ever) finish games, and the satisfaction is more in enjoying the world thats been created (I get there when I get there), but I have friends who’s main pleasure is finishing as quick as they can.

        Second run through they usually slow down and enjoy the scenery, but thats because the main storyline is no longer the main attraction. If everyone was entertained the same way, things would be dull and predictable. Let em have their fun, they arent hurting anyone.

        • I’m doing that now with Skyrim SE.

          My first play through I did what I normally do and just played through the main game and any side quests at my own pace.
          The second time (still back in 2012) I never finished it but just toyed with some of the power-levelling stuff.

          Now I’m just enjoying the scenery, doing quests as I see fit. It’s still great.

    • Except if its like DA:I where you go “oh look a side quest, it sounds quite exciting, let’s trudge across the map to find a letter that ends the quest.”

      Then its most definitely *skip to the end*

      • Oh man! I was thinking about DA:I the other day and I could remember being underwhelmed by it but couldn’t remember why.

        Have you ever had some dickhead ask if you want to play “52 Pickup” before throwing a deck of cards up in the air?
        There’s a special place in hell for people that annoying, and right along side them should be whoever signed off on DA:I’s ‘Collect the shards’ quest.

  • Pretty surprising that you can get through it in what would comfortably be a single sitting for a lot of gamers.
    I have to say, for an RPG that’s really freaking short. I normally think that more games should be 12-20 hours….. but not RPGs.

    Apparently the side quests are pretty good though so I don’t mind and at least it’s not padded out with hidden collectables, that’s the worst.
    I swear Rise of the Tomb Raider is a 2 hour game that includes 10 hours of walking around empty areas (after you’ve cleared them) picking up boxes.

  • People in the US, South America and Europe had already cleared it last week thanks to broken street dates.

  • And again, just like all offline FF games since 7, Witcher 3, Fallout 3 and 4 and Skyrim, they can all be finished very quickly if you skip everything and focus on the story. But since when has any FF game just been about rushing through? Unless you are into playing like that.. Am 8 hours in and still have not left the beginning zone. Tons to do and see, dungeons to find and die in, and fish to catch. Play how you want but if you rush through skipping everything your a bit silly for complaining the game is short like I see many people doing…

  • Meh. There is always an element of gamers who simply MUST buy and finish games the day they are released. Like some lame badge of honour.

  • First, games like FF7 cannot be finished in the same amount of time. You cannot choose to go straight for the story or not because it is a linear game. FF7 is not open world. Furthermore, you have to grind more often to ensure that you are strong enough for the next challenge.

    What many people have missed, is the fact that it can be completed so quickly. With FF15 there is no grinding needed to face each challenge, there are minimal chances of a game over, and the story does such a good job of rushing you to the end after chapter 9. Any story before that is paced well, but ultimately, irrelevant to the whole story. Everything you do before chapter 9 really has no impact on the stories ending.

    So the concern is, that there is no difficulty. You cannot beat FF7 game at level 25, but you can beat the main story of FF15 at level 25. We now know that it can be completed at level1. therefore, there is no reason to grind, there is no reason to level, there is no reason to do sidequests, except for Gil to buy weapons. However, you can defeat the game with your dead ancestor’s weapons anyway, and the game leads you to 6 of them at the minimum.

    Furthermore, there is barely any story at all. 15 chapters and only the last 6 chapters have any relevance to the story. The story is vague and arbitrary, which is also a description of the ending. Therefore, it is not the case that they just chose to race through it and that is why it is so short. The game is short. IF you neglect optional side quests, and just run with the story, the game is SO short. And, you can beat it without grinding, so there is no reason to take on the optional side quests. This is the problem with FF15, and a clear lie from Tabata when he said:

    “were aiming so that the entire [FF15] story could potentially be cleared within 40 hours”. He then added, “But looking at the current volume of what’s becoming available, it’s looking harder and harder to clear within that time. So it’s something that we’re gauging right now and trying to work around.”

    This is just simply not the case at all. The game is super easy in the main story. And, the main story is extremely short and vague. To top it off, the ending is arbitrary. That sums up FF15

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