Persona 5 Delayed To April

Persona 5 Delayed To April

The fifth Persona is delayed yet again, this time to 4 April 2017, Atlus announced today on a stream. To make up for this delay, the publisher says they’re adding dual audio, so you’ll be able to play with either Japanese or English voices. Still a bummer.

This marks the 193120392103192nd delay of Persona 5, which was originally scheduled for release in 2015. Word out of Japan is that it’s really, really good.


  • Q1 is already so packed I’ve been hoping for delays on anything. Persona 5 isn’t the title I would have picked but its one less to worry about.

    Roll on my complaining there are too many games releasing in Q2!

      • Most likely it already was and they are just using it as the ace up their sleeve to cushion the blow by pretending theyre adding it. Or maybe I need to stop wearing tinfoil headwear.

  • This is good news! I had no idea how I was going to manage this and Yakuza 0 being released within a month of each other.

    When it rains…

  • Blerg, I buy much fewer new releases than most people (at least commenters) on here, probably around one game per quarter, so this messes up my whole plan of “buy a Switch after i finish Persona”.

    Looks like I’m going diving into my backlog for the next five months.

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