Persona 5 Delayed To April

The fifth Persona is delayed yet again, this time to 4 April 2017, Atlus announced today on a stream. To make up for this delay, the publisher says they're adding dual audio, so you'll be able to play with either Japanese or English voices. Still a bummer.

This marks the 193120392103192nd delay of Persona 5, which was originally scheduled for release in 2015. Word out of Japan is that it's really, really good.


    Q1 is already so packed I've been hoping for delays on anything. Persona 5 isn't the title I would have picked but its one less to worry about.

    Roll on my complaining there are too many games releasing in Q2!

    That dual audio's a hell of a sweetener, though.

      I'm kind of glad this delay is happening because I was assuming dual audio was already in the game.

        Most likely it already was and they are just using it as the ace up their sleeve to cushion the blow by pretending theyre adding it. Or maybe I need to stop wearing tinfoil headwear.

    My hype hasn't subdued since 2015, STOP DOING THIS ATLUS, my heart can only handle so much T-T
    I want it so bad

    This is good news! I had no idea how I was going to manage this and Yakuza 0 being released within a month of each other.

    When it rains...

    Blerg, I buy much fewer new releases than most people (at least commenters) on here, probably around one game per quarter, so this messes up my whole plan of "buy a Switch after i finish Persona".

    Looks like I'm going diving into my backlog for the next five months.

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