Pixel Gaming Lamps Sure Brighten Up The Place

Mario, Vault Boy and Mega Man have teamed up to kick off Pixel Pals, a new line of pixel art figures from peripheral maker PDP. They are obscenely collectible.

Just look at the first three, all lined up with their 2xAAA battery powered lamps going. Iconic characters from three of gaming's greatest franchises, with the promise of more to come. Who's next? Sonic? The dragon from Adventure? Red Mage?

They also look fine in their boxes, but you really need to open these.

Each Pixel Pal stands at I am guessing around 10cm tall, and at nearly 2.5cm deep they have no problem standing on their own.

My only wish is that these had some kind of AC adaptor or USB power option, so I could keep them lit up at all times without worrying about running out of juice.

New 3DS XL shown for scale.

PDP's Pixel Pals launch exclusively at EB Games in December, with a retail price of $22 a piece, and are available for preorder now. Vault Boy sums up my feelings on them quite succinctly.


    No USB? Boooo! Still want one though :)

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