The PlayStation Flash Sale Has Some Great Deals Under $20

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If you missed out on all the Black Friday deals, not to worry. The PlayStation store just kicked off a series of flash sales, and there's some decent offerings.

You can browse through to the discounts directly on your PS4, or you can view them through your browser. Some games are discounted up to 80%, with 115 games supposedly getting a cut in total.

Under $10

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If you're after something really cheap, give these a go:

  • Jetpack Joyride: $2.25
  • fl0w: $2.95
  • Flower: $4.55
  • Grow Home: $5.95
  • Lichtspeer: $5.95
  • Risk of Rain: $6.75
  • Grow Up: $7.55
  • RESOGUN: $7.55
  • The Unfinished Swan: $7.55
  • Nidhogg: $7.55
  • Tharsis: $7.55
  • Push Me Pull You: $7.55
  • Grim Fandango Remastered: $8.95
  • Valiant Hearts: $8.95
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer: $8.95

Pretty good selection. The Grow Home/Grow Up pair for just over $15 is a pretty good offering. Grabbing Flower for a few dollars shouldn't be overlooked either if you want a super relaxing experience (it's not much of a game mechanically, but it's soothing all the same).

Crypt of the Necrodancer, Valiant Hearts and Grim Fandango Remastered under $10 is hard to pass up, and anyone who has ever enjoyed a couch co-op fighter should grab Nidhogg at that price.

Between $10-20

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Some surprising value, at least from PSN, here.

  • Assault Android Cactus: $10.45
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: $11.95
  • ABZU: $14.95
  • Battle Worlds Kronos: $11.95
  • Bound: $11.95
  • Headlander: $11.95
  • ADR1FT: $11.95
  • Unravel: $11.95
  • INSIDE: $13.45
  • SOMA: $14.95
  • HELLDIVERS Super-Earth Ultimate Edition: $14.95
  • Wander: $14.95
  • Hard Reset Redux: $14.95

I'm being a little cheeky throwing Wander in there, but hey, if you're going to check out the worst game on the PS4 $14.95 isn't a bad price to do it.

If you'd like something a bit better, SOMA is at a real nice price. HELLDIVERS with friends is pretty good too, if you didn't grab it while it was a PS+ freebie.

$20 Or More

If you don't mind spending over $20, there are a couple of good titles getting a discount too. Just note that anything you break in anger as a result of The Witness will probably cost you a lot more than a pub schnitty.

  • The Witness: $26.95
  • I am Setsuna: $40.95

I am Setsuna should be an automatic play at some point for any Chrono Trigger fans, although most are probably a little preoccupied with Final Fantasy 15 right now. And The Witness ... well, if you like puzzles or Braid, you should have bought this already. Now's a good time to do so otherwise. Just don't blame me if you start drawing on your TV like Mark did.

So those are the PSN flash sales. They'll hang around for four days, which should be enough time to pick one or two freebies. I quite like Tharsis at that price, even though I'll undoubtedly end up screaming as one of my astronauts loses a limb through a series of shitty dice rolls.

But what about you? Spy anything decent going for a song?


    Some good deals.

    If past history is any indication, soon the 12 deals of christmas will start. Each day a different discounted game, frequently AAA.

    After that there's often a holiday sale, sometimes in January.

    Gentlefolk, ready your credit cards.

      Thanks for the heads up! I've got a PS4 Pro coming for Xmas/Birthday (yes, born on Christmas day...) and I've got Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank & Bloodborne that I bought, but I'm keen on Firewatch, TLOU, HellDivers, Flow, Journey, Knack, Infamous etc.

        No worries. The first deal is live and its Rise of the Tomb raider at $40. Not bad for a recent game. Check the psn store every 48 hours. :)

    I picked up Bound, Unravel and SOMA in this sale, those three combined were $38, saving on $64, great prices if you ask me.

    Nearly pulled the trigger in Inside, but decided I shouldn't right now... already have it and played through on Xbone. Seriously though, if you haven't already, jump on this game.

      I think Inside is going to be my GOTY. That last third of the game.......

        My god yes. While The Witness wins best "woah..." moment, Inside definitely wins best "what the...?!!!" Moment.

    Another game that looks good, and is part of the sale, is Song of the Deep.

    Went a bit crazy with this flash sale. Bought Inside, The Witness, Abz├╗, Bound, and the above. Then with The Last Guardian coming soon, my pile of shame has never been more shameful.

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