Pokemon GO Introduces Ditto And New Tracking System

Things are happening in Pokemon GO! If you're one of the many who got bored of the game, it may be time to pick it back up again. Reports have flooded in today of players catching the elusive shape-shifting Pokemon Ditto, plus the new tracking system seems to have been enabled in parts of Australia.

One of the first Dittos seems to have been reported around 10:30am this morning on the Silph Road subreddit, and other reports have corroborated the fact that this isn't a hoax or a glitch as in other cases of rare Pokemon appearing.

So how do you catch a Ditto? Apparently it will appear as a common Pokemon such as a Rattata, Pidgey or Magikarp. Once you catch it, you will get a short cutscene revealing the Pokemon's true form.

Making catching a little easier is the continued rollout of the new 'Nearby' tracking system. As of this morning, it should be available to all Australian users. Now, if you click on the nearby Pokemon bar in the bottom right, you'll get a list of Pokemon and the pictures of the Pokestops they're near.

If you tap on the image, it'll bring up a set of footprints denoting distance to you, and if you tap on the footprints it'll then bring up the Pokemon's general location on the map, marking it as a sort of waypoint. If you 'target' a Pokemon like this, you'll also be notified if it flees.

And remember: Niantic is giving double XP and stardust through the rest of November. Good luck!


    'It should have launched like this.'

    On the contrary, this is the best way for people to actually re-discover the game.

    Obviously Niantic have been at pains to tell us things haven't gone the way they had originally planned, but this is great news and really should make a lot of people happy.

      No... should of released like this cause the previous tracking was glitchy and unreliable and turned people off the game when they turned it off resulting in a fast drop in players and momentum for the title.

      Rediscovering a game... compared to how many players stopped is a ridiculous consolation prize.

      Why put faith or rediscover a game that has just proven how slow it is to update and fix a fundamental flaw the game had since the first month when the game was at its peak. Slow fixes and updates wont help its longevity and continual revenue base.

        The original tracking was the best tracking. I personally enjoyed going down the park and walking around tracking a growlith as he went from two steps, to three, and I worked out his direction and finally got him.

        Now you just walk around like an idiot hoping something appears because it's "nearby". Not worth the battery drain.

      This is bad. They need to have sightings AND nearby. Walk through a local park. There is a snorlax in the corner. You'll never know unless you specifically walk over there. Tell me what is actually nearby AS WELL as the stuff at a pokestop 3 blocks away.

        You must have had better luck with the "sightings" feature than pretty much every one else playing the game then.

        There was no indication that the sightings list was sorted by distance, so all it was telling you was that the pokemon is within a couple of hectares around you.

          I was tracking a Lapras. I had a fairly good idea of where it was (locked dock) but wanted to make sure I couldn't get it. Walked to area, first in list. Walk away, drops to 2nd then 3rd. Walk back to area and it moves back up top. Walk away in the opposite direction, same thing. Never understood the issue people had with it.
          Many times we'd be looking for something on the list and it would always move up to one of the top 1 or 2 spots before it appeared.

    Oh my god, this might actually be the thing to get me playing again. Hell yes!

    And double experience means quadruple experience with a lucky egg. I guess its time to start evolving all those pidgeys and rattatas cluttering my inventory.

      Yeah, I just cracked a lucky egg and got a stupid amount of experience. It was alright.

        I managed 142000 XP out of one egg. I had a lot more pidgeys than I'd remembered, and didn't even get on to any of the others. And I think I've still got enough to make another egg worth while (which should put me on level 25 and get one of those lucky eggs restocked).

        I guess slacking off on evolutions paid off.

    Dangnabbit caught so many crud Pokemon hoping for ditto today and got nothing.

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