Pokemon GO Just Changed Your Pokemon’s Levels Without Telling You

Pokemon GO Just Changed Your Pokemon’s Levels Without Telling You

Continuing the trend of Niantic actually updating Pokemon GO instead of madly patching up holes, a few tweaks made over the last few days will mean big changes for the mobile monster-collecting game. First of all — the next time you log in, all your Pokemon will have gained or lost a bunch of CP. Wait, what?

As part of an effort to balance the gym system, Niantic has pushed an update that broadly changes the CP (effectively your Pokemon’s level) of different types of Pokemon:

Other Pokemon like Gyarados, Vaporeon, Snorlax and Lapras seem to be among those pushed up, while Arcanine, Victreebel and Dewgong are among those pushed down. All I know is I finally have Pokemon with CP over 2000, after months of playing.

While the changes have been made in the name of balance, it seems odd that some of the most common Pokemon you’ll see in gyms are the ones that have been strengthened, while the Pokemon whose average CP hovered just on the line of battle-usefulness have been pushed down and out of the running.

It goes without saying that people are a little pissed about losing hard-earned CP off some of their treasured Pokemon, though others at least are happy that their strongest Pokemon were given a buff.

Everyone should be happy about the second update, though: Niantic has also announced a new Halloween-like event, whereby everyone will earn double stardust and double XP from 11am November 23, AEDT to the end of November.

Did any of your Pokemon’s levels change dramatically overnight? Will the November event be enough to get you to play again? Let us know in the comments!


  • My Kangaskhan got a boost. It was 418 before and is above 500 now. My Gastly and Rhyhorn got a small boost. Cubone’s dropped, though. I can’t tell if the rest changed but I am guessing none dramatically since I only have Pokemon under 500CP. I’ve been playing from the start, but am stuck in a regional/rural area and not many Pokemon appear and those that do seem pretty low level. According to my Pokedex I’ve only seen 58 of the 151 and of those have only caught 41 different ones. 🙁

  • Ok I haven’t done any research on this because I haven’t been playing, but it seems likely they’ve just changed the formula that determines CP and that otherwise the Pokemon are unchanged.

    The cp system from before wasn’t a great way of gauging actual power and was based off four semi-hidden stats.

    Check the silph road reddit, I’d bet money they have details of what actually changed by now.

  • While I’m ecstatic that my perfect IV & moveset Gengar got the buff he needed to be properly viable, it greatly annoys me to see that Victreebel (who wasn’t even top tier. IIRC he was tier 3 or 4) get merged just after I got a rather decent one and started investing some dust into it.
    But then what more should I expect from Niantic.

  • I noticed that the Kangaskhans I’d caught recently (which I hadn’t seen spawn at all before) suddenly jumped to the top of my list.

    I also noticed that a couple of the pokemon I had assigned to gyms still displayed their old CP in the gym, while showing lower CP in my collection locally. I wonder if they’re leaving assigned pokemon stats unchanged during the change so as not to unbalance gyms?

  • I had a buddy charmander (since buddy update) and I had powered it up to 684 cp. Now I have a Fucking 595 cp charmander. Fuck pokemon go. I aint playing it anymore. I was looking forward to a 2500 cp charizard for which I was so willingly powering up. Now I have to do it again. Fuck it.

  • Oh good. All the gyms around me that have like 8-10 Dragonite’s on them will now be able to be defeated. Checks above reddit page.

    Buffed – Dragonite

    …… OH COMEON!

  • My magikarp went from 137 to 113 cp. at 3cp per power up it will now take me 8 power ups and at least 16 more candies. What a crock.

    • Why would you EVER power up a magikarp? Evolve it first, if it’s rubbish you haven’t wasted any stardust which us much more scarce than magikarp candy for most of the country.

  • Very odd, i noticed my Rydon went up 400CP which is impressive but I noticed my Nidoking +100CP but my Nidoqueen -100CP and they were matched in levels, very random…

  • And it looks like “Sightings” has been replaced with “Nearby” today, telling me I can find specific pokemon near specific pokestops.

    • If you tap the circle it will show you a large view – if you tap on the footsteps it will show on the map, then keep a track of it, notifying you if it flees.
      (In case you/others didn’t know yet)

  • The F’villeFirebird, a Pidgedot lost over 50CP. She wasn’t my most powerful but my most prized and was kick’n butt, ya’ B’stards!

  • Lost 31 on the two Magicarps I had spent WEEKS feeding hard earned stardust; from 185
    (Pretty good) to a measly 154. Annoyed a small heart attack upon me, it did.

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