Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell

Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell

One of the first things you’ll do in Watch Dogs 2 is buy some new clothes. As both a fan of fashion and a judgemental person, I was ready to roll my eyes. Little did I know that the clothes in this game are all fantastic.

To be frank, a lot of clothing in video games just plain suck, especially menswear. Even in other open world games, men’s clothing is treated like a joke. You’ll get a few generic “punk” items, a few “urban” ones, and from there it’s typically just recolours. Having a few over the top or funny clothing items is nice, but sometimes I want my characters to dress in a way that doesn’t take me out of the game. Spare me the animal costumes and clown shoes, please.

Watch Dogs 2, against all odds, has treated menswear with a modicum of respect. Not only are there six different brands in the game, each with a discrete style, but these styles have clearly identifiable counterparts in the real world. Stop in Axle Boardshop, and you’ll see styles that would look right at home on the members of Odd Future.

Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell
Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell

The kinds of clothes you get at Stache and Vine are all the kinds of bespoke heritage wear that Urban Outfitters rips off from smaller boutiques.

Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell
Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell

If you stop by Streetfix, however, you’ll see things like drop crotch leather joggers, a type of pant reportedly invented by Kanye West.

Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell

Even more specific than that — don’t these shoes look just a little bit like a low top version of the Yeezy Boost 750s?

Props To Watch Dogs 2 For Making Marcus Look Fly As Hell

What I like most about these clothes is that they all feel at home on Marcus Holloway, who has a really defined, strong personality. This isn’t Aiden Pierce in his “iconic” leather duster and baseball cap, looking like a drawing a 10-year-old might make of a serious crime fighting man. This is a young black kid from Oakland, who’s a little arrogant, a little flashy, but has the skills to back it up. And no matter how you dress him, it’s going to reflect that character.


  • I don’t care for fasion at all and those outfits in particular. So this is like a curious insight to another culture.

  • These kinds of things always make me feel like an old man on a porch shaking his fist at the kids. I am only 28 but I see what is considered fashionable, hear the current music and it does nothing for me. Is there anything more sedate Marcus can wear?

  • I suppose if you’re the kind of man who raids his grandparents wardrobe to look like a bland golfer, yup, that’s some good fashion. I’m not though.

    • yup, guilty… wish there was more Dedsec stuff, but hey no complaints so far. Except the “Kanye West” drop crotch pants. physically ill at the sight of that shit.

  • Here’s a tip. Straight men don’t care about fashion.

    Give me a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I’m happy.

    • It’s set in San Francisco… what were you hoping for?

      For the record, the hipsterishness is one of the things that turned me off too… seeing the costumes in this post just helped reinforce my decision.

      • Yeah, I know, just disappointed is all…

        The clothes above did the same for me.

        Really liked the first one so I guess I’ll have to wait for this to drop in price and give it a go.

    • One of the other characters comments on the fact he is a hipster. Would you rather another generic white man with a shaved head? It’s fun to play something different even if you would never ever dress that way.

      • I’d rather a generic man in a trench coat with a ‘tough as nails’ attitude and a chip on his shoulder 😉

        But seriously, I get what you mean, and I probably will pick this up one day despite my negative thoughts about it, might be good in the end.

      • Yeah, Aiden Pearce was unlikeable and kind of an idiot, but I’ll take generic-looking, grizzled dudebro over this trendster/hipster ‘young rebel’ type any day. White or black, I don’t give a shit, it’s the ‘younger, more rebellious, cooler’ shit that’s worse. Marcus looks like the Delsin Rowe to Aiden’s Cole MacGrath, and it makes me cringe.

  • this this this is not good, looks cheap and crap, i hope there people do a better job next game.

  • Yeah, I agree with most everyone above… He looks like a fashion victim… Someone sure went out of their way at Ubisoft to “Find out what the kids are wearing! I want them high-tops and acid-wash Hammer-pants in my game, gawdammit!”

    Another reason why I’m not getting this game until 2017…

  • “You can’t fight crime if you ain’t cute” – Deputy Raineesha Williams

    Props to a character with personality – prefer a point of view over a sack of potatoes intended not to alienate players.

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