Image: Kotaku

Nobody got yesterday's drawing, so I've got a second hint to help you all along today.

I'm not hugely surprised this time around, although yesterday was fairly busy and it was a bit of an unusual selection compared to the drawings that usually pop up.

In any case, there's a second hint for you all. And as a reference, here's the hint from yesterday:

Good luck! And email in if you want to have your scribbles featured.


    That top pic looks like Psychonauts, the little mental health pickups

    It's Metal Gear Solid. The first image has the ! from the soilders when they notice you. The second image is of Big Boss being cloned to make Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and Solidus Snake

    Early 4x game... early Civ
    Hierachy... followed up by an alert ship with either cargo or healing.

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