Image: Kotaku

A couple of people immediately jumped to Tinder when they saw a little flame on ScribbleTaku last Friday, but it took Sombra to point out that the flame was actually from Overwatch. Figured I'd go with something more modern to finish off the week.

But it's a new day, and a new game. Let's see how you all go with this one.

Good luck!


    It's the egg from Burger Time ?

    Looks like another flame, maybe Sonic 3?

    Looks like kerball space program to me :)

    Final Fantasy 7 at a stretch, observatory room

    Field Effect UI in ChronoCross

      Damn it! I finally knew one!
      I was logging in!

        haha that's happened to me so many times before, pretty stoked I finally got one

    Quite late, but is it Kerbal Space Program?

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