Apologies for missing out on a ScribbleTaku yesterday. I ended up being tied up with something that took up the whole day. But as for Monday's game, that was ChronoCross - well spotted hoffacraft.

As a mea culpa, there are two games to guess today. Let's see how you do.

The first one is above! As for the second ...

Most people should be able to get at least one of these, I think. Forgive me! And good luck.


    I should know them but can't think of the freaking name.....

    Given recent events though, $5 says they are NES games.

    Given how iPhones get longer for each version, I am going to say the bottom one is a leaked design of the iPhone11.

      Nah, can't be an iPhone.

      I have it on good authority that the iPhone 11 will have no ports, no speaker and no screen.

      Charging will be done via a pad keyed to the make and model (preventing use with the earlier iPhone 10 or refreshes of the iPhone 11) and interaction with the device will be done via Futurama style implants in the eye and ear that have have to be replaced every eight months and will not be compatible with the up coming iPhone 12.

      Last edited 16/11/16 1:13 pm

    Little Big Planet and... Dragonball Hyper Dimension? I dunno, kinda looks like a scouter / DBZ alien tech.

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