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Nope, it wasn't Spore. Everyone had a couple of goes at yesterday's game, but nobody was able to pick up that it was the space strategy from The Logic Factory in 1995: Ascendancy. The 4X was actually re-released for iOS a few years ago, although it's never come to Android.

Most people think of Master of Orion or maybe Star Control when it comes to great space 4X's of that era, but Ascendancy did all right. But that was yesterday's game; it's time for a new one.

Good luck! And if you'd like to make others have a crack at your drawings, email them in.


    Ah damn. I used to love Ascendancy. All the weird character art, building up the planets and assembling space ships. MoO was great, as was Stars! but I spent way more time with Ascendancy...

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