So Far, 'PPAP' Singer Says He's Earned Zero Money

The man behind one of the most famous tunes on Earth says he hasn't earned a single yen from "PPAP". Yet.

[Image: pikotaro_ppap]

It's the shortest single ever to hit the Billboard charts and, as of writing, it has 89 million views.

According to Sponichi Annex, Pikotaro appeared on Japanese TV show Nonstop and revealed that while he's famous the world over, "PPAP" hasn't lined his pockets.

When the show asked him if he's doing well financially because of the song, he replied, "About that, I haven't even earned a single yen."

Pikotaro continued, "Think about it. You didn't know about it [PPAP] until recently, right?" Because of that, he's yet to cash in. Makes sense, but still...

Then again, a PPAP Cafe did open in Japan on November 1, so I'm honestly not sure how he didn't get any money from that. (Maybe it went to his management? He'll get paid at the end of the month? Who knows!)

He has started appearing on Japanese TV more and stars in commercials, which is where Japanese celebrities can make loads of money.

So, he should start to see some returns from his viral hit, and it will probably be a bunch all at once. But even if he never becomes unbelievably rich from "PPAP", at least this happened.

You can follow Pikotaro on Twitter right here. He seems to be unverified, so maybe Twitter can change that? Surely!


    I hadn't heard of this before now.

    I feel that seeing it has diminished me as a person somehow. Like I've lost a tiny shred of what made me, never to be recovered.

      I logged in to say similar.
      This? This is what people are going crazy over?
      I just...

        It makes absolutely zero sense ... and yet the Death Note version just cracks me up every time.

        You must be new here. Welcome to the internet!

          Amusing random shit I get. But this is kind of a low bar to get exited over.

      Clicked straight to the comments to see what was going on.

      I don't think I'm going to scroll up.

    Well, the song is on iTunes. If he isn't making money from that, then he needs new management.

    That's the most normal thing I've seen come from Japan in a long time

    Just those stupid attention seeking facebook pages that spread this shit.

    Come on, surely he's been making advertising revenue from all the times that people have watched his clip online!

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