Sombra Art Appears On Blizzard's Servers

Image: Blizzard / John Polidora

After a long and protracted ARG, the wait is finally over for Overwatch fans. Blizzcon is just around the corner, and with it the (probable) reveal of new hero, Sombra. And just ahead of the annual convention, the first official art has been found.

The full picture, which was allowed to go public on Blizzard's servers and then posted to the Overwatch subreddit, is signed by a senior illustrator, concept artist and character designer at Blizzard, John Polidora.

The original link was taken down, but another version with a slightly different URL was uploaded to Blizzard's merchandise store. You can see that in full below:

Image: Blizzard

Given that the image is still live on Blizzard's own site, it's tempting to see this as a deliberate leak of sorts. But for a fan base that have been teased relentlessly for months about Sombra's existence, it's nice to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Especially when it involves seemingly standing on top of a lot of robots. (Or a robot hand.)

Around four days. That's how long we have until Blizzcon begins. Reckon that's enough time to knock a quick Sombra cosplay together?


    So what was the point of the ARG when it clearly had a solid public release date tied to Blizzcon?

      I think the original idea was just to build hype for the character. Having an ARG to tease the character isn't necessarily 'bad' IMO but this one really wasn't run well. Perhaps just because Blizz have never done one before but even then, they probably should've killed it about halfway through when people first started getting annoyed about it dragging on.

      Hopefully from now on they'll just announce heroes the way they announced Ana - keep mostly silent on it until she's 99% ready, then slowly start posting teasers for the week leading up to the reveal/PTR release. Seems like that's what they're doing with Sombra now but having the ARG go on for so long already has killed most of the hype at this point lol

      Last edited 01/11/16 5:47 pm

        Yeah, but they started it months ago, then it eventually led to a countdown clock that resulted in NOTHING!!!. So what was the point of that clock...

          The clock didn't countdown to nothing. It counted down to the ARG continuing in game with new clues to find.

    It'd be great if this was just a random piece of unused concept art put up to throw people.

    I hope to god this is the last ARG they do.

    Release characters on a set date from now on. The game is already great just keep the updates and new content coming.

    Was there any incentive for the person/s cracking the ARG or was it all for show?

    The Halloween update got in the way, they must not have had the character finalized in time for the ARPG to end and it ended up being too close to Halloween.

    IE not enough time to gain hype from the new character.

    Ana / olympic event / haloween / sombra / the next thing etc etc

      They would never have released a new character while a competitive season was still underway anyway. Sombra was always going to be released after Season 2 concludes at the end of November.

    I LIKE IT.


      Though, like everything, it reminds me of The Simpsons... see my vest, see my vest!

        Heh, well I stumbled into this name around the time of the Disney live-action teaser for "Beauty and the Beast", which I believe will feature a reworded version of that seminal Simpsons classic 'See My Vest', so your thematic resonance is very much appropriate :).

    Another character to add to an unbalanced product. They'll never be able to balance it.

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