Someone Paid $100 For A Nintendo Classic Mini NES Box

Someone Paid $100 For A Nintendo Classic Mini NES Box
Image: Ebay

Not the console. Just the box.

Since the first shipment sold out and with supply of the second drying up fast, people have been wondering: where the hell can you get the NES Classic in Australia?

One option, as is always the case, is Ebay. But it’s never usually the first port of call, often due to the excessive premium you pay for getting something through an auction house.

But even this might be a step too far. Someone listed the box for the Nintendo Classic Mini on Ebay. Not the console. Just the box.

$100. For a fucking box. And you know what’s even more crazy?

Someone bought it.

Image: Ebay

Image: Ebay

… why?

Why would you pay $100 for the box when you can just give a retailer the same amount of money for the actual console?

And it’s not just an isolated incident. There’s six bids on this auction. For an empty box.

Image: Ebay

I don’t understand people.


  • Why would you pay $100 for the box when you can just give a retailer the same amount of money for the actual console?Well, you can’t really 😛

      • From what I’ve seen – stores like EB/JB had already taken preorders for the second shipment due in december.

        And with how things we’re yesterday (50+ people lining up at Target/Big W) there’s no guarantee you’ll get one in the second shipment either.

        Nintendo hasn’t really been clear whether or not this will be a limited release thing. The guy at target yesterday wasn’t even aware of a second shipment – as far as he knew they were only getting that one.

        • Dont worry, Nintendo will announce another shipment after that, and we’ll all be told again to just wait for the next shipment…

          • Then why don’t they just make that clear?

            By not telling anyone and being quiet about it, they’re creating uncertainty and allowing scalpers to thrive.

            The only reason they’re selling for $3-500 on eBay is because people aren’t sure if they’ll have another chance. Stores both locally (EB/JB) and overseas stopped taking preorders ages ago and listings have been removed from their sites.

          • The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system is a hot item, and we are working hard to keep up with consumer demand. There will be a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year.


            It’s not confirmation that they will be making them indefinitely, but it doesn’t sound like they’re immediately limited.

    • Yes it does, the item is large enough and it will be carried out as a fragile object, as your 100$ empty box wouldn’t be able to keep it’s form intact if it gets squeezed with other deliveries.

  • Why would you pay $100 for the box when you can just give a retailer the same amount of money for the actual console?

    Because they likely got tricked. Seeing a listing for $100 (retail price) when all the others are $300+, makes people get excited and anxious to jump on it. They get so carried away that they likely forget to read the details and end up paying for just a box. I can see it happening pretty easily with a ‘Buy It Now’ listing.

    In the auction you linked with 6 bids, if you look at the history, 1 person retracted their bid at $60. They probably read the auction details after and realised.

    I doubt anyone genuinely wants the box – unless their intent is to scam someone else.

  • I don’t get the whole concept of the nes mini at all. Nothing different from what you can do with emulation, and it doesn’t even take cartridges like Sega’s awesome megadrive redux.

    And those controllers… ugh. For the love of god could one at least ask for the NES-101 controller instead of the RSI inducing thing that is the classic.

    Yes, I’m a grumpy angry oldman.

    • There’s a few reasons:

      1. It’s actually very good emulation – better than what you get on the Virtual Console
      2. The original console design has that coolness factor to it
      3. Authentic controllers
      4. Able to take it with you and plug it into any TV

      And lastly…

      5. They are legitimate copies of the games.

      If you’re fine owning illegal copies of these games to play on your emulators, then that’s fine. But a lot of people would probably love to be able to legitimately own these games again, and for what amounts to be essentially about $3 per game, it’s outstanding value.

      • I have a gigantic library of NES games, and I might not have rated this so harshly if it included cartridge support, especially since Sega has long since nailed how to make a retro throwback console (cartridge support, 4x more games, roughly same price).

        As for ‘outstanding value’, about 10 of those games are actually worth playing, and almost none of them are worth playing multiplayer.

        • Those retro Sega consoles are not actually manufactured by Sega, they are made by a Chinese company called At Games and the quality of the hardware and the emulation is actually extremely poor. The products have received numerous criticisms over the years and the latest iteration of that is no exception. In theory – they should be good – 80 built in games and cartridge support – but the emulation is shoddy at best, not all cartridges work, no support for save games on the carts that do work, sound quality is atrocious, half the games are generic arcade titles and not actually Mega Drive classics, and the device only supports standard definition via composite cable. This year’s version has inexplicably removed the Streets of Rage games, too. Fail.

          If that’s your definition of “nailed”, then yeah I guess they nailed it.

  • I just paid $500 for every retro console game system with all their games plus arcade in a dual arcade stick. Over 10,000 in total. Now THAT i’m excited for. 30 nes games? 30?

    • I just paid $250 for 100 ripped cds and you paid $250 for a Beatles remastered album CD box set? 15 albums? 15?

      Some people like legit stuff. Cool if you don’t but surely you can understand the difference. Cheers.

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