Something's Wrong With This Cover For USAvengers, But I Can't Quite Put My Finger On It

Hmmm. Hmmmmm.

For those unaware, Marvel is currently running a lavish variant cover program for its upcoming "America, Fuck Yeah!" Avengers series, USAvengers. Every state in the US will receive their own special variant cover for the first issue, assigning a Marvel hero to each one as that state's very own Avenger. It's seemingly at random, so you have, say, famous Brooklyn boy Steve Rogers (or, in the comics, famous Manhattanite) championing Delaware rather than New York.

But it's also weird because there's also a "state variant" for Canada. All of it. They get Deadpool, because of course they do.

And now my very own home country has one, in the form of newly revealed Captain Britain variant. Which, hilariously, is the most pre-ordered version of the cover out of any of the states available.

This is all very silly.


    I don't get it, what's the problem?

      Because Canada and the UK aren't states of the U.S.A. yet?

        Marvel never claimed they were.

        From the original press release:

        "We knew that a series with the name U.S.AVENGERS would evoke a sense of honor with all of our fans and we really wanted to go that extra step and offer a variant campaign that would allow our readers to show their hometown pride across this great nation – even our neighbors Canada and Puerto Rico! Expect their own variants as well."

        And now UK store Forbidden Planet has gotten in on the act by commissioning their own exclusive variant cover.

      Northern Ireland missing maybe?

        No, its there. Isle of Man balanced on his hand, NI nudging his arm.

        The Isle of Wight, however, appears to be missing or assimilated into the south coast.

    Hmm, I wonder if there'll be a local variant. How about it, Marvel? You can pick from those two Australian mutants nobody remembers. The former lifeguard... called Lifeguard, or the mute Aboriginal who could teleport people with his magic bullroarer...

    ... Yeah, let's just forget about it.


      Oh that's right, he died from AIDS.... sorry, the legacy virus

        Forgot about him.

        Oh, and the surfer dude.

          Yeah Slipstream, Lifeguard's brother.

          There's also Bishop (of X-Men fame), Slayback (former Deadpool foe), Talisman (from the original Contest of Champions mini), Dreamguard (from Force Works), Red Lotus (from X-Treme X-Men), and Jack-in-the-Box (from Weapon X).

            Is Kangaroo still a hero, or is he a villain again?

              Well, the original's dead and the 2nd one isn't even Australian (he just idolized the original). He's gone back to being a villain after being heroic in Ends of the Earth.

              (Really wish Marvel would stop pigeon-holing their characters like that. It was great seeing the Kangaroo as a hero! Such a shame it was so short-lived.)

        But then got resurrected during the Necrosha event and retconned into being a bad guy again after going out a hero.

      Lifeguard and Gateway were never Avengers, though.

      Now Manifold, he's an Aussie and a former Avenger!

        Hey, if Squirrel Girl can make the list, then any crappy, instanly-dated character can.

          Squirrel Girl's starring in her own ongoing series and being one of the core members of the New Avengers/USAvengers AND set to star in the upcoming New Warriors TV series.

          That doesn't tend to happen with "crappy" or "instanly-dated" characters.

          Last edited 21/11/16 11:51 am

      Tempus (aka. Eva Bell)

    Give it time...Britain about to be declared a US administrative territory.

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