Star Wars: Rogue One Tickets Go On Sale Today

Image: Disney

Get ready people. The sale begins today.

If you want to get tickets ASAP for the next feature film in the Star Wars universe, Rogue One, then you'll be pleased to know that tickets are going on sale today. IMAX Melbourne confirmed with Gizmodo that IMAX Big League members would be able to purchase tickets from 8:00 AM AEDT, while the general public can pre-order tickets from 9:00 AM AEDT.

Event Cinemas are taking pre-orders from 8:00 AM AEDT as well, although it'll be IMAX Melbourne that is screening Rogue One 24 hours a day after its midnight premiere (technically 12:01 AM) on Thursday December 15.

Who's keen for the midnight screening?


    Man, it'll be funny if it's bad.

    I hope it's not bad, but this isn't a given with Star Wars.

    So pre-ordering games is bad, but pre-ordering tickets to a film series that (much as I love it) is decidedly hit or miss, is good?

      a movie is totally different to a game....

      a game costs A LOT more than a movie....

      a game can ship broken whereas a movie is a least a movie even if it's bad...

      a movie is an experience, some people want to see it opening night and see it before they run in to spoilers.

      im not one to care about pre ordering tickets but i don't understand how you can't use common sense to see the difference between preordering a game and a movie.

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