Stop Everything, There's Red Alert 2 In VR

This is the killer app VR needs.

Fan remakes of Red Alert aren't new. I've written a few times about the superb open-source remake of the Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Dune 2000 games.

But you know what you can't do with OpenRA? Play in VR.

That's what someone is trying to do, by way of the Unreal Engine. It's basically a Red Alert 2 remake in VR, using the room-scale mode of the HTC Vive.

At the moment it's just a proof of concept, so you can't play through the original campaign or get a skirmish game going. And there's no ETA on when it'll become a playable, downloadable thing either. But it's pretty clear that the concept works. And not only does it work, but it might also be the next step for strategy games.

The RTS genre has needed a jolt for a few years now, and VR - weirdly - might be the thing that does it. Hot damn.


    So awesome!

    On a side note I always imagined this would be the way Games Workshop would go out of business.

    Should be able to slide the field around underneath you instead of teleporting

      You can "teleport" in the original games by clicking the minimap, and you can apparently slide a bit in this by walking.

      I was thinking the same thing. Something like being able to 'grab' the map and drag it around you.

      I've been waiting for someone to figure out that VR (and AR) would be great for board game style stuff. I wonder if Games Workshop would ever allow their games to be used on it.

      That's easy to implement, but for most people it immediately feels weird in VR. Camera movement like that will make many feel nauseous within 10-20 minutes, and strafing or backwards movement is even worse. For a lot of games the teleport approach is necessary for primary movement, at least for now.

      That said, if there's enough of a fixed reference frame visible in the player's peripheral vision, that can offset a lot of the discomfort. Perhaps with a table frame around the map, and some sort of detailed environment skybox, so the player can instinctively tell it's the map that's moving on the table rather than their viewpoint sliding around, then that might be sufficient.

    Awesome, now I can lean down like an angry god and scream at my ore truck for taking a shortcut through the enemy base.

    Shut up and take my money!

    Its more like red alert 1 than 2

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