Street Fighter Juri Statue Looks Very Uncomfortable

Street Fighter Juri Statue Looks Very Uncomfortable
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As a big fan of Street Fighter’s South Korean monster, I was initially quite pleased with the latest statue from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Then I took a moment to really look at the straps on the side of her battle bib. Ouchie.

For the most part it’s a very nice statue, as it should be for a nearly two-foot tall, $US445 ($578) piece. The twisted pose, the confident expression with just a hint of lurking malice and mania – it’s very Juri.

But I cannot stop looking at the straps on the left side of her chest. What fabric is that? Is it some sort of sculpted metal or rigid plastic? What material can wrap tightly about the rib cage under arm area and then warp about a breast like that, while still remaining unyielding enough to cause the flesh to bulge around it?

My wife and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure the statue out this morning. She came to the conclusion that implants are involved somehow, something about the way the breast leads into the arm. This does not explain the fabric at all.

Anyway, Juri from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles will be arriving in the fourth quarter of 2017, with four different variations, each running $US445 ($578). The wide retail version presents her in pink, purple and white with no bells and whistles. There are three exclusive versions, each featuring LED lighting for the eyes and a special licky-face replacement head.

The black outfit version is limited to 200 pieces.

Blue Juri is limited to 100.

And the standard Juri with light-up features and extra face is getting a 300 piece run. Pre-orders for all four version kick off on November 14 at the PCS website.