Surprise, Rogue One Tickets Sell Like Hotcakes

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You might have seen that tickets for this year's spin on the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One, went on sale today. And in what will come as a surprise to absolutely no-one, they flew out the door.

According to info unveiled by Event Cinemas, around 8,000 Rogue One tickets were sold in Australia after only 10 minutes. They also added that 8 separate midnight sessions for Rogue One - although the exact locations of those sessions weren't specified - sold out by 8:30 AM AEDT.

Tickets were also available in person for sessions at Event Cinemas and IMAX Melbourne, although they sold out exceptionally fast. One user posted on the IMAX Melbourne Facebook group that their friend was eight in line just before tickets went on sale for IMAX Big League members, but that wasn't enough to guarantee them a ticket:

Image: IMAX Melbourne Facebook

Ouch. Nonetheless, there will be plenty of Rogue One screenings at cinemas big and small next month. IMAX Melbourne is holding sessions around the clock for a few days after the December 15 midnight premiere. Event Cinemas in Sydney's George Street, meanwhile, is holding 29 separate viewings in 2D and 3D on December 15 and plenty in the following days.


    If you miss out on tickets and are super keen to see it consider trying a regional cinema. I work at one and our biggest cinema is roughly 300 seats. We only got it just over half full for the midnight screening of Episode VII last year.

    That said I'm unsure if we'll be doing a midnight for Rogue One, the boss doesn't like giving us details very far in advance.

    Yeah tried to get on the website to purchase tickets but the site was temporarily having issues. LOL

    i don't bother with the midnight screenings, to many people to compete with. Just bought Gold class tickets for the Thursday night about 20 mins ago, people can still get them.

    You know, I'm actually going to wait until I hear if the film is any good before I decide whether or not I'm going to go see it at all.

    Neckbeard nerd hype culture at its finest.

    The last time I watched a midnight screening of Star Wars, people wouldn't stop fucking applauding loudly whenever there was a lightsaber battle.

      I know your pain. Went to the Phantom Menace premier and couldn't believe how much mindless applause went on...have avoided ever since.

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