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    I don't get to see the race today - school pickup is at 3pm. But my boss bought me a mystery bet, which is nice. Fingers crossed!

    Whoa, page 2 on a Tuesday!

    Sewing machine is doing its thing again. Stupid button hole setting won't move the material along properly and keeps getting stuck, pretty much just gotta eyeball it and hope I don't hit a low resistance spot and put a huge gap in the stitching, or that it stops and a huge ball grows. Spoiler: has already happened many times.

    Also running out of this gold thread, only got overly yellow stuff left.

      In a pinch, you can manually make the button hole by using a zigzag stich and just adjusting the width and length accordingly. It's a little less neat, but will still work.

        Thinking I may need to do that for the next lot, since they might need to be thicker and the settings here don't alter that.

    Lmao got aired first ep up, got messaged by my friend saying his sister's boyfriend spotted me. Yet somehow both his sister and mum missed it, and I've only met the guy twice.

    Glad I've been too busy to watch it, can wait to see if Mum notices later :P

    Battlefield 1 huh?
    So far it's the worst battlefield game I have ever played.
    All the guns are terrible, unless the ones you can later unlock are magically better. Which would explain why I am getting sniped by SMGs while my DMR cannot hit the side of a barn.
    But I've been playing for 5 hours and the only thing I have unlocked is skins for guns I don't have. Maybe a 5th of the way to one rank in 2 classes. Maybe in 20 hours I will be able to unlock a single gun but damned if I know what I will pick because there is no custom games or anything to try them out.
    And man, people complained about battlelog but at least that gave you options. Why the hell can't you even tweak loadouts without joining a match?
    Most of the maps are bland grey and so full of smoke and shit it's almost impossible to see what's going on half the time.
    And let's not forget the joys of "stare at your corpse while holding spacebar" screen every damn time you die. And sitting through several minutes of meaningless after match screens before it will even give you the option to quit to the menus. Only for the game to freeze when you do.
    I almost think I'm playing a completely different game to all the 10/10 reviews plastered everywhere.

      I've enjoyed it, less so than battlefield three for instance but I agree with you on all of your points. The load out tweaking in game only is a minor gripe I have, the guns must have a steep learning curve because I've felt like that too. I've stood above someone and shot directly into their back before while they are lying down only for nothing too happen so I feel your pain there.

    I am so stupidly pleased with what I've managed to put together here. I'm gonna have to keep the beard even longer now just so I can keep wearing it.

    ...I don't want to jinx anything but it's suddenly looking like I may just get this done in time after all.

    So I flew into Melbourne far too early in the morning now I'm just wandering aimlessly wishing I'd had more sleep :-P

      First time in melbs? There's a lot of cool places here, especially if you like coffee!

        Second but last time I basically followed my best mate around so never really had to think about directions.

        I do find I really like this city though.

          It's set up in a grid. Makes life super easy.
          I wouls suggest checking out ACMI, the EBGames on Swanston street with the Nintendo experience. Try wandering around the alleys. There is some amazing places to be found.
          The royal arcade and the collin street arcade are pretty good. Finding random pubs is fun too.

            Melbourne is definitely more neatly laid out. Sydney just sorta...happened.

              Sydney kind of grew from a central point, Melbourne was already laid out before they founded it.

            That's what my friend from last year kept insisting, I just find it hard to learn a place when I'm following others.

            Good walk yesterday is helping me get used to it more, it really is a nicely laid out city.

            Especially having lived in Sydney for 5 years...

    Went and saw Doctor Strange last night. It's pretty neat. Good cast, visuals are trippy.

    Main character is kinda dull- another pass on the script or two I think was needed- but worth checking out. I reckon it would look really good in 3D too

      It looked awesome in 3D actually. I found it quite good all around and nice and different from the usual Marvel fare. The mid-credits scene was interesting mainly because it seems to infer that some things happened that we don't know about yet. Not sure how to use spoiler tags but I hope you get what I mean.

    Apparently the people at Wargaming heard all the crying babies that were upset about the totally optional anime ships from Arpeggio of Blue Steel in World of Warships, because this month, in addition to ARP Takao (which is stupid hard to get and completely unnecessary and basically a worse version of Atago and I must have her) you can now obtain Steven Seagal to captain your ships.
    And yes, despite the fact the guy looks like a fucking wax model or CGI or something that's really him.

    I think I'd rather he be the cook than the captain though.

    EDIT: Oh and in other news, HMS Belfast hits NA servers this Friday, which means the next premium in the pipeline is HMAS Perth. If I were a betting man I'd say that WG's booth at PAX AU might be a good place to see her in action because if not they're doing it very wrong.

    Last edited 02/11/16 9:53 am

    @alexwalker: Found another weirdness on the new site.

    EDIT: Actually no that's working fine.

    What is a bug though, is that when you @ someone right now, it inserts a link into the text, and when you edit, it shows the link in the edit box.

    Last edited 02/11/16 10:00 am

    Welp, I'm in love with Stellaris all over again.

    So much has been changed with the update and I decided to get the DLC too. There's a LOT more powerful neutral threats (Talking over 1k military power, sometimes up to 10k and that's not the only fleet in that system!), and the base neutral enemies have also been buffed in numbers so they don't look like small mob camps anymore.

    Love the new ship module layouts now, I have specialised Corvettes that can use torpedoes, while Destroyers can only use missiles at the moment, so I still have a use for Corvettes after researching Destroyers, which is pretty cool. It's no longer "Mass build the highest class ship you have" anymore.

    Lots more events are showing up making the galaxy more alive than it was before, even finding new kinds of NPC races, like this one large space station that is like a society or arts and beauty, and you can commission their services for empire-based bonuses (That I don't know yet because I can't afford them right now).

    Strategic resources have been reworks in terms of sometimes how they can be collected and how they're used. Resources that gave bonuses to ships (e.g. 10% Kinetic damage) is now just inherited in your empire rather than having to use a station module and only have the bonus on ships built there (THANK YOU!).

    I no longer have trouble finding planets I can colonise if I lose track, there's now a window that shows all colonisable planets and you can organise them based on habitability, resources, etc. Only downside is it doesn't show if the planet is already inhabited (e.g. pre-sentient alien pops), but overall it's so much easier to plan out my colony ship use.

    I'm currently playing with the Furball Initiative, being the best scientists in the galaxy while also trying to play nice with everyone, so far only one truly hates me due to differing policies, but he's piss weak compared to the Furball Capital Fleet so I'm okay for now :)

      Is The Trump Collective thriving in your galaxy still?

        Well I have an Observation Outpost in orbit over a planet called "Sol III", and their latest update was that they splitted the atom, so... I guess the Trump Collective is about to sprout... or explode, one of the two!

    @scree I've found out I'll actually be in melbourne around PAX and am happy to put in for the Meat if you're still accepting people! I appreciate its pretty last minute so I understand if it can't be done :)

      Oh I dunno, I think for you I'll make an exception because you're such an awesome guy. You're more than welcome to drop in on Saturday night :D

        Techie paid for the place. i just organise things.

          Which makes me the official sponsor without any ads whatsoever! :)
          "This PAX Meat was brought to you by Tech Knight, TAY's best robot"

      You have two days to acquire a Space Trump costume.

        You laugh, but if you look at my instagram I'm part of the way there... @nathan.mclean

          Make the suit look like a 70s doctor who prop, add the cap, and you're golden.

    My cosplay is done! My friend has a big suitcase I can borrow! The countdown is on :)

      Still working on mine. Trying to clean and work on cosplay. Quite difficult

        Good luck. At least you don't need to transport yours interstate :)

          True, just hope I can get it all done

    So my son broke our plasma this morning. Threw a car at it apparently and now there's a black hole in the picture a bit bigger than a 50c piece. Oh the joys. He's banned from screens indefinitely among other things, which will be interesting.

    In other news, work is oh so slow. Trying to figure out where I want to take my career, or if I even want to continue being an IT engineer. I enjoy building things and I just do a lot of break-fix stuff at the moment. How is everyone else?

      Oh no - your poor TV!

        It's not so bad. The missus and I don't use it heaps and I can just move consoles to my PC monitors. It's more annoying is all as we could've gotten a bit of cash for it before upgrading and now it's essentially worthless.

    Hello friends! What does everything think of the big site redesign? I hated it at first, but it's growing on me as I get used to it.

    One thing I can't figure out is where your profile is? Being able to see if anyone replied to your comments is pretty handy, but I can't figure out how to do it anymore!

      It's not back yet. No notifications, no profile yet.

      You can see replies and your profile on Gizmodo or Lifehacker. The comments won't mark themselves as read, so you have to hit the 'Mark all as read' button on the profile page when you're done reading them.

      [Edit: Nevermind, I just checked Gizmodo/Lifehacker and they're on the new layout too.]

      Last edited 02/11/16 1:26 pm

        Yeah that's what I've been doing for the last few days... its a bit annoying!

    Just feeling really shitty this week.
    No idea why.
    Honestly, my cat is the only thing making me happy right now. :(

    Just a reminder @dogman and others. Pax meat is at 7pm, Saturday the 5th at Backlot studios.
    Backlot's address.
    65 Haig Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3006
    If it looks like you're on the wrong side of Melbounre, don't worry, you're going the right way.

      Sure, single me out, just because I'd already forgotten what time, what day and where to go.

        Most people went last year, you're one of the few people who didn't come last year

      It's nearly drectly under the freeway bridge when you go down Haig Street

        I remember when we were walking down the street and we were like " we have the right place? We're not...going to be murdered, right?"

          Then I came back and was locked out of the block

            Did you message someone inside? They just need to know to open the fence so cars don't park in their lot

    @cookingmama I haven't checked my e-mails in a while and only just found about the twitter message you sent the other day >_> (can only twitter from my PC not my phone because reasons)

    The whole gown thing totally slipped my mind. Don't suppose you'd be able to bring it to the station tonight? If not that's cool, I'll just know not to worry about bringing the rest of the stuff and have less to pack :P

      I can.

      email me at shudson{at}gmail[dot]com and we can exchange details!

    Did Roar and Snore at Taronga the other night, it was fantastic. Got to see some of the animals far more active than usual, spent 15 minutes looking over the harbour just after sunrise with my morning coffee, fed a giraffe and there's one thing they don't really advertise - the itinerary finishes 30-60 minutes before the zoo opens to the general public, so you've got that time to go check things out before the screaming hordes appear.

      Are you a zoo friend? The Christmas night for zoo friends is also really good - it's on just after the general admission closes, so it's really quiet but all the animals are active and having dinner. Plus the raffle is great and there's facepainting for the kidlets.

        No, we've been to the zoo twice in 10 years, so zoo friends isn't really our thing. Kind of tempted by the summer concert line up though:
        This summer will see Twilight at Taronga presented by ANZ host fearless Australian frontman Peter Garrett and the Alter Egos during the opening weekend of the series, and the original lineup of Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons and The Sports in a rare performance. triple j Hottest 100 winners The Rubens will make their Zoo debut, beloved country songstress Kasey Chambers will grace the stage supported by Thelma Plum, and Brisbane indie powerhouses Ball Park Music and The Jungle Giants come together for a special double headline performance. Quintessential Australian bands Killing Heidi, Jet and george will perform in a series of memorable reunion shows, and Obama-endorsed jazz lord James Morrison Big Band and family favourites Björn Again will return after their sold out shows last year. Pennsylvania’s Kurt Vile will be bringing his unique brand of hazy-rock to the Zoo for the first time, and The Living End will be accompanied by a string quartet for a special ‘Twangin’ at Twilight’ stripped back show. The closing week of the series showcases some of Canada’s most talented musicians, with performances from international indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara and singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright, as well as Scottish alt-rockers Teenage Fanclub.

    Wait why did nobody tell me that steamers were magical?

    As someone universally terrible at ironing this is a revelation.

      Yeah, it's the steam in the iron doing most of the work. A hand steamer or a hot shower works just as well!

    @alexwalker Any chance we could get a link up there with the social media buttons or something that goes to the current TAY or an index of TAY articles in order? Without the regular columns header on the main page or the most commented box it's a bit hard to get here.

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