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    Morning TAY!

    How was everyone's weekend? I got all DIY and build a shelf to sit my guinea pig cage on, it's handy being able to wheel that bugger around!

    Also played through some more of the Battlefield 1 campaigns. Tried playing the Black Bessy missions again being all stealthy and glitched out again, so third time round just went in all guns blazing and managed to get the mission to trigger, so... yay?

    Also got creamed again in the Dota 2 battlecup, the other team for some reason decided to target me hard during drafting, banned out 3 of my most played and picked another 1... we basically got steamrolled by an early push draft backed by a BH so they just snowballed out of control after 1 good fight. To add insult to injury, they picked the BH right before we were going to, so that kind of sucked... but hey, you can't win em all!

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      How big is your guinea pig cage?

      I've recently taught my piggies to NOT scream the house down every time something is rustled, or when they see or smell food. I bought a bell that I sound whenever it's feeding time, so now they only scream the house down when they hear that bell.

      It's hilarious too, seeing them stare at me when I have a hand full of vegetables, then going berzerk and running to their bowls when I use the bell.

        Not that big - we use the modular cage stuff, so 3x2 on the bottom level and an L shaped 2nd level which is basically 2x2 with 1 of the corners missing.

        How old are your piggies? We got 2 from a research lab rehoming service maybe 8 months ago, so I think they've about 9-10 months old. They start screaming whenever they hear a knife hit a chopping board, because the know 9 times out of 10 its us making them breakfast/dinner.

    Good morning TAY!

    I hope you're not feeling the post-PAX depression if you were lucky enough to go. It was cool getting to meet a bunch of you guys briefly on Saturday, meeting; Red, Blaghs, CJ, Cookingmama, Scree, Tigs, Numbers, Alex, Cracks, Gooky and Tegan for the first time was really cool. I was bummed I didn't get to hang around much more but I'm sure you guys would have had a big night all the same. Was good to see Freeze again too.

    Cheers Techie and Scree for inviting me!

      Backlot was definitely the highlight of the convention.

      Was good to finally meat you. You joined around the time Tiglet was born I think so I haven't made it to any meats when you were there.
      Hopefully we get the chance to catch up again soon.

      I really need to pay closer attention to TAY... I don't visit anywhere near often enough these days...

      Turns out that I walked straight past you guys dressed up as Bloodborne characters, and didn't realise until I saw pictures on Freeze's facebook :(

    Thank you all so much for an amazing time on Saturday night. It was the highlight of my entire weekend.

    Just ask Serrels, I bounced up to him this morning and couldn't stop waxing rhapsodic. You're all the best and it was so lovely the be included.

    I can't wait to catch up with you all again!

      I'm expecting to see a few more ads around here after all the money you two spent on popcorn. =P

      The Sydney Taybies are overdue for a big catchup, so I'll make sure you get an invite when it happens. How do you feel about picnics?

      Was great talking to you (and Alex)! Worked out being a top night, but of course Sunday was slow going... :D

      It was a pleasure to have you. Thank you for coming

    Might not have gotten down to PAX, but I did get out to Bitter and Twisted at Maitland, and tried lots of beers.
    Discovered a couple of good beers, and Cheap Fakes, a (ska-ish) band from SEQ. Good combination in the sun.

    So now that we have our profile back n stuff. How are we meant to see notifications of replies or mentions? D=

    @alexwalker halp?

      I think they're doing something with it now. I just had a weird bug where I'd get an error when I went to post. Turns out I was showing as logged in on the header bar but when I went to my profile page I was actually logged out.

        It's a feature not a bug, well that's if it was Microsoft :P

        Ah cool. Cause I can't even keep track of my posts so yeah :P

    Morning all, how was your weekend?

    I finished Titanfall 2's campaign (it's excellent) and bummed around in PSVR for a bit. I'm excited to get the PS4 Pro this week, hopefully developers take the opportunity to help it along a bit.

    Found a purse on the train but the owner doesn't have a Facebook account. I've got her name, address, bank and credit cards, RACV card, medicare card, a few appointment cards from the dentist and an ambulance membership card that expired 10 years ago. I'm thinking I'll just express post it back to her but I'd like to send her an e-mail or something so she knows she doesn't have to stress about replacing her license or losing the money. Any ideas? I was thinking about calling the dentist and getting them to forward a message but it feels super stalky/scammy.

      Hand it in to the dentist/bank, if it's not too far out of the way.

        That's probably the smart thing to do, but there's a fair whack of cash in it so I'm a bit nervous about handing it over to someone else.

          You can always take it to a police station and hand it in.

            Yep, this. Hand it in to the police.

              Brains? In tay? What is this madness

      You can look people up in the phone book you know, provided her number isn't unlisted...

      But police is the other option. Just make sure when you fill out the lost property report, the amount of cash is listed. :)

    Hi, TAY.
    Was unwell for most of the weekend, probably due to Friday's unexpected warmth, but I think I'm recovering. :)
    And there's only three weeks til cakeday! \o/

      I feel your pain mang. Was 39 at my place yesterday :(

    Last week was one of the more shit weeks i've had in a while. It's been non stop since last Friday when I went to Slipknot, and i've been at work every day since then apart from Friday just gone which was busy AF anyway. So it doesn't feel like i've had a day off. But! Today is my first real day off since I dunno. Wednesday 2 weeks ago I think?

    Also saw a mate from school has been up since Tuesday from Melbourne asked him if he wanted to catch up, he never responded to my message despite reading it as soon as I messaged him according to Facebook and he ended up going out Friday & Saturday night with other mates. Thanks for the invite guys, I would've liked to have caught up.

    As much as I like that work calls me first for extra shifts it's a bit tiresome at times. Like Saturday night 2 guys decided they didn't wanna show up for nightfill so I got asked to come in, which I was more than happy to since i'm good mates with the guys who run nightfill on Friday & Saturday they look after me. But i'm sick & tired of these 2 who decided not to come in AGAIN, i'm glad that at least one of them won't be getting any more shifts with us on the weekend.

    Then come Sunday I got a text from the Woolies manager asking me to come in for a few hours before I started in BWS, which I was more than happy to do since he's been pretty good to me recently in giving me hours. But I was pretty pissed that again people decided not to come in. It's pretty bad when the store has *just* been relaunched after a 3 month long renovation & it's gotten rather busy there.

    Then when I went for my shift in BWS the bloke who was on Saturday night left so much work to do, when he had 5 customers in the last hour & a half. I ended up putting away over 50 bottles of wine, 10 cartons of beer, multiple 6 packs, several bottles of spirits & a bunch of RTD's. and he gets away with it because the boss makes up excuses for him.

    On top of all that my friend in England hasn't got a phone at the moment so I haven't been able to chat to her which sucks.

      That sucks dude. Hopefully the shitty employees don't stay employees for long. But yay for extra $$$.

      You planning on going to Killswitch next year? I'm pretty indifferent towards KSE, but I think Fallujah are one of the best bands out so I'm probably gonna go just for them. Also super-psyched for The Ocean / NeO at the start of December, between the 2 shows its almost enough to offset the crushing disappointment over the ongoing lack of Soundwave

        Well when the girl I work with comes back from maternity leave next year, hours are going to sparse in BWS, so either he's going to have to move on or i'll just find another job and see if I can keep Sunday in BWS and Friday/Saturday night in nightfill in Woolies. As for the nightfillers, hopefully the dept manager wakes up to himself and tells them to fuck off. Cause it's just trouble otherwise.

        Nah never been into KSE, I do have a bunch of gigs coming up i'm interested in, Airbourne & Halestorm in January, Wednesday 13 in March, Alter Bridge & Black Stone Cherry in April and Green Day in May.

          Man, I didnt know Airbourne or Halestorm were coming back to aus. I saw Airbourne back when their first album came out, at a pub in Freo. Dont think I've ever been to a gig like it since, it was wild. Time to find out if they are making Perth and getting some tickets

    Don't know if this is the right place for this, but whatever.

    Does anybody else have a problem with that auto-playing video ad for the Underworld movie that's showing up on every Kotaku page at the moment? I was on the bus to work this morning, listening to music whilst web browsing. Even though the video is muted by default, it would always hijack the audio on my phone anyway. Meaning that every time I loaded a Kotaku article, my music would get paused due to the video on the page which got very irritating very quickly.

    Can we not have any more ads like this one, please? Thanks.

      I have that problem with most websites on my phone. If the content can play sound my phone's browser assumes it is playing sound. I'd love a volume mixer that let me mute specific apps or give an app highest sound priority.

        Or, failing that, just not have the videos play automatically.

          That'd be nice, but I think it's one of those things where too many websites lowered the bar in order to offer a competitive advertising platform so now they all have to do things like this just to get advertisers on board at all. If Kotaku doesn't offer to shove the ad right in our faces there are plenty of other websites the advertiser can go to who will.
          I feel sort of bad for the websites that live off of advertising. It must be rough trying to sell ad space in such a flooded market.

          The frustrating part is that I suspect there's a big bubble that's going to burst when advertisers figure out they're paying more for less effective advertising methods simply because the websites are reluctant to offer the space. I mean getting one of these auto-play article interrupting ads costs more because Kotaku doesn't want to do it, not because readers are more likely to respond positively to the product being advertised.
          Kotaku and the advertisers would probably both be better off with less intrusive ads but neither side can be open to that idea without hurting their ability to negotiate prices.

      Started happening when the Stranger Things puzzles and ads were running. It's ruined my morning commutes to the point I've give up reading Kotaku on my phone if I'm listening to music (despite the new layout being waaaayyy more responsive on mobile).

      Now I just skim a handful of articles each evening or at lunch if I'm not too busy with work.

    PAX was awesome.

    5 stars, would PAX again.

      The annual crazy-taybies-early-morning-park-run going to be a thing?
      I'm pretty sure that should be a thing because I held up WAY better than I expected!


          The cult, they are coming for you Trike. But you can't escape, for if you run from them, you have given them what they want

            I have a bicycle. This is enough for me.

            Well, the second one was. Wait... fourth.

            I'm looking for a new bike at the moment, by the way.


              As a reformed cyclist (well, dad with no time...) the optimal number of bicycles is equal to n + 1. Where 'n' is the number of bicycles you currently own.

                ...or S-1 where S is the number at which your spouse/partner/significant-other blows up.

                I ride to work. That's my excuse.

          aaawww but... but!...
          Running is fun!

            No. It's not. It hurts and I can't walk for days after because my knees seize up. Every now and again I forget this, and race after someone or something - usually surprising all with my turn of speed - and then I pay in pain for a day or two. Drinking and dancable music has the same effect...

            Velocipedes for me. :)

              Running, Cycling, Paddling - it's all good, as long as the result is a coffee afterwards ;)

          I laughed when the two cultists from the nerdpartment had to get up early hahahaha.

      You guys and your PAX meat make me jealous.

      I'm going to hold my own Seattle Meat. Very exclusive. Only the coolest people on TAY get to go. I'll call it PAX Even-More-North (It's also a thing).

        Hopefully one day I get to do PAX Even-More-North

          Seriously if you're ever going to be in the area I'd be happy to host.

    Major post-PAX blues at the moment, being back to the daily grind...
    Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did... you guys rock!

    Sounds like you guys had a blast at PAX. I'll have to try come out next year!

    Had a pretty busy weekend as my Mrs has picked up a christmas casual job so I was running around a bit more than usual. Extra cash is so worth it though.

    We gave up 7 runs in the first innings of our game on the weekend but ended up coming back to win 12-11. For people who understand, I went 2/2 with an RBI and 2 runs in half a game.

    Other than that it was moving kids between home and nana's for babysitting, church yesterday morning and then having to tend to a job because I was on call and then just looking after kids.

    Goals for this week:
    Prune tree that is tangled up in our fibre and electricity feeds into the house
    Weed the front garden
    Get to the gym 3 times

      At first I though you were talking cricket and wondering why you quit after 2 or 3 overs

    So PAX was great and exhausting a usual.
    Managed to get some child free time this year which was nice. Otherise much of my day was spent kid wrangling. Tiglet's first sleep over without Mummy and daddy went without a hitch so there can be more of that on the cards.
    A few photos up on facebook but didn't actually manage to take that many shots but that is fine.
    Got to have a one on one chat with the designer of the upcoming Hand of fate board game after have talking to one of the defiant devs and us telling them home much we liked the game. Also scored a hand of fate 1 steam code which we handed off to one of my staff members.
    I am loving the fact we are now getting a bunch of little traditions forming around PAX, arrival BBQ, dapper meat, PAX meat, TAY table and who knows, potentially group cosplay and parkrun added to that list.
    PAX meat was awesome, got to play Fiasco although a little late watching @chuloopa prove that anything you can do, TAY can do better. Even failing.
    Exhausting Sunday although I did have the offical PAX twitter account call my daughter cute, so I guess that is a message from everybody at PAX.

      @chuloopa's good, but nobody fails like I do ;)

        He got a zero in Bop it

          Thanks for pointing that one out.
          I'm still trying to live down the horrible shame...

            Hey, at least you went for it. It's more then what any of us did.

        He thought he survived Uno, went all woop-woop-woop along the stage, tripped and fell off.
        Only to find he'd usurped someone else's turn.

        He had to sheepishly come back for another minute before he *actually* survived Uno.

          How many times do i have to explain this - i didn't trip! hahaha
          I leapt off the stage in unbridled joy then heard "IT'S NOT YOUR TURN!!!" - and i collapsed in a heap of shame.

      Everyone is all loving my failure but no one remembers my dominance in Raskulls... le sigh...

        Oh, btw, it turns out that the dueling game does not use a DDR mat like DDR does. It registers as wrong.

    Ahhhhh PAX. Brilliant.

    Much easier catching up with people this year, helps so much when you know a few faces.

    Friday wandering the halls and panels much of the day. Saturday running round with TAYbies then MEAT! Great fun. Sunday traditional best intentions to get in by 10:30 and arriving precisely as @tech_knight was leaving... heheh. Afternoon of pottering about. Wonderful.

    Bought some games. Finally got a Catan set. Bought vanilla Love Letter, and a Quirkle set. Bought Joking Hazard for a friend who's having a tough time and is a huge C&H fan. And also bought the gaming monitor I've been lusting after for months - I had a decent bonus from work so suddenly had some discretionary spending. Elite: Dangerous is going to look amaaaaazing. :)

    Fab to see you all again. Catch up with some of you over the xmas break I hope!

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a good weekend, doubly so to those who made it to PAX.

    I had a moment of self-awareness last week - realised the last piece of gear I needed to get my third character to max light was a titan mark, and realised the final step, after killing alien gods and slaying the greatest threats to the last vestige of humanity, would be grinding the Archon's Forge for a butt-towel. So, as half my raid group was away for PAX anyway, I went looking for something else to play.

    And so I hopped into The Division to see what was new with the 1.4 update... and everything else that had happened since April. I think I started playing at around 170-ish gear score... bumped the world difficulty to tier 2, and the first red-bar enemy I killed dropped a 180-something set item. Huh.

    Tried a couple of Underground missions, which were... stressful - five minutes to get to the boss room, then another ten minutes of frantically fleeing from cover to cover trying to kill the boss, constantly one poor decision away from death, but got some good high-end gear for the trouble. Did one of the Hard dailies (I swear they used to be doable solo, now it only game me the option to matchmake), and got more 180-something high-ends. A few hours later, I was running around world tier 4 in (mostly) 229 gear, wondering what I should be focusing on that I can do solo - seems like Search&Destroy missions are infinitely repeatable, and reward high-ends/set items, but they're extremely repetitive. Feels like there's a bunch of activities I'm not seeing/finding... but I guess they did delay the other expansions to put 1.4 together...

    All in all, it's very reminiscent of Diablo's systems... but still trying to find something like Grifts to keep me interested...

      Sorry to abandon you. ;)

      Warlock is 381 now though...

    oi @ynefel do you still post shit here?

    think you need to go to this show.

    We Lost The Sea. playing Departure Songs in full for the last time for the foreseeable future.

    Hey @pupp3tmast3r I finally got around to making a character on Barth. Anyone in particular I need to hit up for an invite?

    So I'm now back after three weeks of honeymoon.
    It was amazing, and was awesome to spend time with Taybies at PAX at the end.
    Love you guys so much :) We both had a blast!

      Nice to finally meet you dude!
      You and Anton seems awesome, and I feel bad for not introducing myself in the past.
      Also great game of Fiasco!

      It was nice to meet both of you.

    So I went to PAX. It was great as usual. This time I went to my hotel first, just to park my car but I find out that my room was ready at 10am. So I was able to leave some stuff there.

    I participated in the 2pm Overwatch PS4 tournament. Overwatch tournaments are great but do not play in casual tournaments. It was kinda random matchup, you just organise a team while there but the problem was that the game went on to 5pm. I managed to carry my team to the finals but they didn't know how to counter pick and lost the final round. With no real indication of when my games were I couldn't walk about the convention. So it kinda feels like I lost 3 hours at PAX.

    Then I signed up for the 6pm Halo: Reach tournament (I still love the fact that only Bungie Halo game tournaments are run). Managed to get into the finals again, and the organiser recognised me again. It's gotten to the point that he doesn't even need to check if I moved on to the next round.

    After that until 11:30 I wandered around the gaming area. One change they made from last year is that console freeplay now has limited time for everybody. Previously you only had limited time if there was a line, which allowed me last year to play through the Halo 5 campaign. Probably did this to prevent people from doing the same thing. One game I couldn't to work was Star Fox: Zero, apparently this was a problem only with this game since each Wii U was trying to connect to each other. Eventually they removed that game from the list.

    Second day I tried a Halo: Fleet Battles demo. The guy also said he had a free demo kit to give away the next day at 4pm to the first person to ask for it.

    Then I signed up to the 2pm Overwatch PS4 tournament. Had fun but only got to the semi-finals. The problem was that the other team were friends who all played together (also no headphones made chat almost impossible). Games went on for way too long, my first game was at 3:30pm. Kinda glad I lost cause the finals started at 6pm, which is when my next Halo: Reach tournament was.

    Didn't make it to the finals for Reach (first time too). The organiser was pretty bummed about this, after chatting with him we determined that he should have removed grenades for King of the Hill. It really turns it into an RNG victory system. Especially since secondary weapon was random too.

    However when the tournament ended he asked me to help him design custom gametypes for the next day (since he always uses default settings), so we spent an hour doing that. Then I bummed around until 11:30pm playing games. Even played Battletoads in the classic area and remembered where all the secrets were.

    The next day I signed up at the 10:30am Halo: Reach custom made tournament. First game was Slayer but with double damage. Everybody had fun playing that. Second round was melee only, which I lost (second time too). We agreed that this gametype needed some tweaking, probably needed a better a custom close range map too. The third round was KOTH on a custom made, where the rules were players outside the zone were invisible and invincible while people in the zone had half movement and died in one shot (Concussion Rifle was the only weapon). The organiser also made a rolling death ball appear at random times in the zone. Was funny watching the players get stressed out.
    Final round was a basic Slayer match.

    I then tried a demo game for Halo: Ground Battles. I returned later at 4pm and the guy gave me a demo kit for free to start up a community. Was real nice of him.

    This is also the first year I didn't meet any Rooster Teeth members. The line was like, 2 hours long. Considering I had a demo kit to pick up at 4pm I couldn't stick around.

    Then to finish off the day I went to the final Omegathon round, which was friggen hilarious. A shame my friend wasn't in the final round though.

    Considering I was playing a lot of competitive I didn't get much time to play games or even take that many photos. Ubisoft didn't really have anything that interested me this year. Nintendo had a Shantae demo that I tried, since I kickstarted it. I tried Gears of War 4, which was yeah, it's Gears of War. Didn't really stand out. I tried Halo Wars 2 and the controls just confused me. It was a survival mode where you use cards to determine what units you get. Once I realised you couldn't win I just left. I only noticed at the end of PAX that Sony had a Last Guardian demo, kicking myself I didn't put time into that. I played the Dragon Ball Z game, which was fun. Wasn't that interested in FF15 since it was the demo everybody on Youtube had already uploaded.

    On top of all this, and thanks to the bonus mode, I managed to fully complete every puzzle in Mii Pass! Only took me 3 PAXs.

      I think I fell just two pieces short of completing every puzzle. Must've been too many people with flat batteries at the end of the day.

    Ok. I'm busy uploading photos and I'll share a link to a google album soon. There's a bunch of blurry photos from the PAX Meat (ha!) and some of the awesome cosplays.

    I'm already thinking of all the improvements I can make to my Hunter between now and next PAX...

      Are you thinking of huntering again next PAX?

        Absolutely - it was a very fun cosplay. Some little girls saw us on the walk back to the Nerdpartment and were a little bit frightened of the "pirates!"

          Going to be a tough sell to Mrs Tigs but I guess I have a year to work on her

          And then I growled out a 'yarr!' and they ran off screaming hahahaha.

    Ugh. My RSA is due to expire in a month & apparently the office, liquor, gaming & racing was meant to send me an email & text about it 2 months ago along with the link to do the online refresher course. I only found this out today.. My details have not changed since I got my NSW RSA back in 2011. So hopefully they will respond to my email about it and I can do the god damn thing tomorrow or something. Considering I need it for work it's kinda important.

      Bah that sucks. Good luck, hopefully you get it sorted quickly

        Eventually found out that Service NSW offer this on their website. It was hidden though, $35 & 45 minutes of my time then go get my mugshot taken for the competency card after it all gets approved.

          Great news, losing that was the last thing you needed right now

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