Tell Us Dammit: Holiday Sales

They're almost upon us: that window of the year when games start get some real heavy discounts.

It's not uncommon for gamers to build a mental checklist over the years, games that they're interested in but not interested enough to purchase until a massive discount comes around. Or even a mild discount. And sometimes it's just a good time of year to buy and play something straight away, because you haven't got any spare time prior to that.

What games are you looking at picking up when the deals start flying around these holidays? Here's some that I've been keeping an eye on:

  • Endless Space 2: I've been waiting for this all year, and since it's in Early Access right now I didn't see the value in rushing out of the gate.
  • Silence: Looks like a good point-and-click adventure to explore over Christmas.
  • Kopanito All-Stars Soccer: Dumb football fun with super powers that include putting a gigantic fan behind the goal and freezing all your opponents. I'll bite.
  • Crosscode: A 2D action RPG that looks real funky. It's been in Early Access for a while, and the holidays is always a good time to explore at least one RPG.

What are you looking forward to buying?


    Depends on the discount. I've got some JRPGs that I haven't pulled the trigger on yet, including Zero Escape 3. I've also got to pick up Rise of the Tomb Raider when it gets CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

      If Zero Escape 3's a JRPG then Battlefield 1 is a Pokemon game :D

        LOL, that'll teach me to write comments when I'm half-asleep!

      Yeah, wait for Tomb raider to get real cheap, quite disappointed after loving the first.

    I basically only buy retail, so they don't really matter to me :P

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    Wifey has said she'll be buying me a PS4 Pro (Birthday is christmas day, so combined presents and all that) so I'm just looking forward to diving into the last 3 years worth of PS4 games! (not that I'll actually have time to play enough, so I'll likely just be adding to the pile of shame...)

    Although I do want to pick up Battlefleet Gothic: Armada on PC, and Space Hulk Deathwatch might have an introductory discount...

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    Do you mean Space Hulk Death Watch or Space Hulk Deathwing? The latter I'm super interested in but could be some time before it comes to consoles. (Edit, I meant this as a reply to the first comment. Oops)

    But speaking of Warhammer games there's a few that have gone onto the store that look interesting. There's one turn based Space Marine game whose name escapes me that's on the PSN store. Edit: Space Hulk Ascenscion.

    I really want to snap up TitanFall 2 when it goes on sale. I'm more interested in faffing about in the single than the multi.

    Resi Evil 4 I'd really like to play to see what the fuss is about.

    I'd grab Bioshock Infinite if it goes for around $30. I realise it was on sale for $50.00 last week, but remasters are usually some of the first things to get heavily discounted.

    Dragon Quest Builders.

    Maybe some VR games when they go on sale.

    Really looking forward to the end of year sale PSN usually has.

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      I don't get the Resident Evil 4 love. It's a solid game & all, but 2 shits all over it.

      Evil Within plays the same but improved.

        Oh yeah, I adored Evil Within. I doubt it will top that.

        I wish it got a Pro patch, because it looks good from a design standpoint, but a little murky until your eyes adjust to all that graininess.

          I loved the grain & letterboxing, super hires graphics don't do too much for me in a game like that.

          Enjoying the mountain views in Skyrim Special Edition though

    I'm hoping for a Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle discount, bringing it to the price it should have been on release. Would love to replay that with my girls.

    Also hoping for Stranger of Sword City, even though its not available on the AU Xbox marketplace, will have to engage shenanigans.

    Mirrors edge 2
    Hearts of Iron 4
    Civ 6
    The Witness

      Don't play Mirror's Edge. it will just make you sad

        Ohhh :*(

        How did you find it?

          Writing is nonsensical, running is kinda fun, but no teal reason to push on. Kinda heartbreaking tbh

    Edit: Non AAA games get heavy discounts.

    The Original Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is $49.99 on steam - the games 9 years old. DId they push up the price because of the new remastered edition, or because there is a sale just around the corner

    Dishonored: Definitive Edition
    Bioshock: The Collection
    Far Cry: Primal
    The Witcher 3

    I might hold off buying many games because I am eyeing the PS4 pro so would love to buy those games when I get it.

      I'm really hoping The Witcher 3 GOTY edition gets a good discount on the PSN store.

      I've already caved and bought a PS4 Pro so now I'm looking forward to all the gooey graphical goodness.

        Oh yeah, Witcher 3. Need that eventually.

        But is The Witcher 3 being patched for PS4 Pro.

        The GOTY did get a great discount on Xbox. But i realised I own Witcher 2 and never played through it, so will do that before I buy 3.

          Turns out it is not being patched for the Pro.

          I think it'll still get some benefit out of the Pro, it was already a beautiful game on the regular PS4.

      Pretty much my exact wish list! Except I'm already playing through dishonored: DE.

        Bought dishonored during the xbo black friday sale. Now I only need time.

    I really want a copy of Attack on Titan. It launched with kinda a high price though :\.

    Catching up on all the pc games.

    Morrowind has been great.

    I've got a bunch more to buy, including Shadow Run & I forget.

    I'm setting aside a decent chunk of change to buy some games I really like the look of and will likely never play.

    Nope. No more sales for me. I have a serious Steam catalogue issue. The only game I'll purchase is Final Fantasy 15. After that I have to get through the following before I look at another game:

    Pillars of Eternity
    Wasteland 2

    After those RPG games I need to get through other games but the list just goes on!

    I am finally returning to the PCMR after a 14 month hiatus. I'm about to drop a chunk of change to the tune of 6K on what I'm assuming may actually become a singularity on my desk...I am soooooo keen for the holiday sales :)

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    No new games this year. I haven't even had a chance to bust Civ 6 out for more than a couple of hours yet.

    Roll on the hardware sales, though - Daddy needs a new pair of Western Digital 6 TB Red drives for his NAS.

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