Thanks For The Shoutout, Dishonored 2

Thanks For The Shoutout, Dishonored 2
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As Ubisoft did for Watch Dogs 2, the developers at Arkane snuck a little Kotaku-themed Easter Egg into the second Dishonored game. We got a kick out of this one.

This screenshot is, of course, a reference to the now-iconic email that Arkane creative director Raphael Colantonio sent out to staff after we broke the news that his studio was working on a Prey reboot. “Now that the news is out,” he wrote, “We’ll be contacted left and right by press sneak fucks who will want to know more. Please don’t answer to any of their requests.”

Thanks for the shoutout, Arkane! (h/t shaikhulud)


      • Well did you notice that they also used the word “the”, which Kotaku authors use on a daily basis?!

    • I dunno, sneaky fuck in this context seems pretty intentional, but it’s not exactly a cutting remark designed to reignite the feud. It would definitely be the filler in an Easter Egg list. The one that’s only included because the narrator realised they could add two and a half minutes to the video by over explaining the back story.

      • I dunno. ‘Sneaky fuck’ (and worse) has been used to refer to journalists for a real long time, by politicians, public servants, military, corporations and criminals. Hell, I consider it a bit of a stretch to be relating this particular in-game flavour to games journalists altogether, especially not Kotaku specifically. It’s not particularly pointed and it’s hard to find anything else that might be describing Kotaku/Gawker as such. Seems a bit narcissistic to think that this in-game reason for a combination to be found is about them. Giving themselves too much credit.

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