The Best Planet Coaster Creations

The Best Planet Coaster Creations
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Planet Coaster is a game that’s at its strongest when you’re building stuff. And unless you’re very talented, the stuff you build probably won’t be as cool as this stuff.

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With such healthy Steam Workshop support, user-created content is an important part of the Planet Coaster experience. From minor cosmetic touches to new rides to complete sets of buildings that can help you theme an entire park, you can completely change the way your creations look.

Below is the best stuff we’ve found on the workshop so far.

Railgunner by knighty

Basically Space Mountain, but for Planet Coaster. It’s a very cool-looking ride, but what I like best about it is how cohesive it is. Most user creations, even some on this list, don’t quite come together, leaving the odd rough edge or visible empty space. Not Railgunner.

Suzaku by Silvarret

Probably the single most impressive thing I’ve seen so far in Planet Coaster. It’s not just a cool roller coaster, it’s an entire themed experience, completely unlike anything the core game ships with. If you want to start branching out from the standard pirate and fairytale themes, this is the ride to put in the very centre of your park.

Train Station – Western Theme by El Escoces Gamer

This train station is built from over 8000 objects, and is perfect for anyone who watches Westworld and thinks, yes, I can do that too, only with less nudity and Anthony Hopkins.

Fairytale Shops by de-lady-signer

de-lady-signer is a Dutch player who has a real knack for putting together buildings that are both beautiful and compact. Like these Fairytale Shops, which are perfect for anyone shooting for either a Medieval or Disney theme.

Japanese Food shop and Drink by Dr. Papadodu

Nice to have handy if you ever install Suzaku, this cute pagoda manages to include both a food and drink stand. Its chunky little cartoon dimensions also make me think this is visiting for the day from Overwatch.

Clover Ridge River Run by knighty

Another custom ride with a Western theme (and another effort from knighty), Clover Ridge River Run has some fiddling to overcome with its pathways, but once that’s done this is a real centrepiece attraction. I’ve built an entire Western park around it, and it’s also super soothing to jump into first-person mode and bob through.

Main street of Land Of Merryweatherby by de-lady-signer

Probably de-lady-signer’s finest work, this sprawling piece helps get around one of Planet Coaster’s biggest problems: it doesn’t do plazas very well. It’s gorgeous, it’s packed full of facilities and is a jaw-dropping way for visitors to enter your park and get some shopping done.

Pirate Island by Dany3892

Ticks all the boxes required for a water run with a pirate theme, but the way the course cuts through the middle of the shipwreck is very cool.

Small Fries Shop by nuriben6

I love this lil’ shack. The heart trees, the fries on the roof, it’s adorable. I kinda wish you could export it to Cities: Skylines.

The Gold Rush by ZenithTeam

Doesn’t look like much at first glance, just a big pile of rocks, but the way the tracks weave through and over the rocks is beautiful. Hopefully someone will be able to swap those pirate models for some cowboys in the near future.

Star Wars Valley by RudiRennkamel

I’ve tried to steer away from licensed efforts in this list; if you want to recreate Disneyland down to the most minute detail, don’t worry, you’re probably only a few weeks away from being able to do just that. But I couldn’t resist this Star Wars park, which has its own roller coaster, shops and very decent (given the limitations of the tools at hand) recreations of an X-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE Fighter and giant Star Destroyer in the middle.


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