The Big Question: Nutella Or Vegemite?

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Both are breakfast condiments. One is Italian and tastes like heaven. The other is Australian and tastes like Satan's diarrhea mixed with battery acid (according to some.) So which do you prefer on your toast?

Nutella is a "sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread" that was first introduced in 1964. Vegemite is a "yeast extract" that first went on sale in 1922.

To paraphrase Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, you're either a Nutella fan or a Vegemite fan. While it's possible to like both, nobody enjoys them both equally.

Despite my earlier joshing, I'm definitely a Vegemite man through-and-through. For me it's either Vegemite or nothing. Give me Vegemite or give me death. Just don't give me Nutella.

So what's your preference? Have at it in the comments!


    On toast? Vegemite. Especially when butter is also involved.

    To take a spoon to the jar and scarf directly though? Nutella.

    Vegemite - through and through (although I do love Nutella - in a hypothetical if you had to choose one Vegemite would always win).

    BUT - only on toast with a bit of butter.

    Nutella on the other hand can be indulged in with a spoon, on bread, on toast, on crackers, on fruit, on just about any other type of food stuff possible (and some things not classed as food stuff).

    But I'd still choose vegemite because it's one of the few savoury spreads - where as sweet ones are listed in the squillions.

      I eat Vegemite with a spoon, on bread with cheese, on crackers (with cheese, onion and Hormel ham), I cook with it, especially stir fry's and casseroles/soups, and it makes a great punishment for kids that don't like vegemite.

    Neither. Promite ftw!

      PROMITE?!!! This is AUSTRALIA! It's either vegemite or NOTHING. now get out of here!

        Promite is an abomination. I remember being horrified that my old primary school bestie's family was A PROMITE FAMILY... I never ate a sandwich there again

    Nutella sets of my teeth sensitivity so it's painful to eat.
    Vegemite creates a burning sensation on my tongue, so I tend to avoid it.
    Crunchy peanut butter for me then. =P

      I get that too with nutella, the teeth thing. Makes me feel old.

      That said, a big dollop of nutella with some cinnamon and chilli powder makes for an awesome hot chocolate.

        Do you use sensitive toothpaste? It may help

          I do, it doesn't seem to do much :P

            Take up smoking, it stopped my teeth being sensitive. Down the track smoking might be detrimental but for now my teeth don't hurt :)

            Glad I'm not the only one. Thought I was an anomoly

              We can both be anomalies.

                Huzzah! It used to frustrate me when I would sya to the dentist that my teeth hurt and they'd suggest using sensitive toothpaste. I would be like "Already using it."

    Vegemite. It's gotta be Vegemite for me, because I don't like Nutella. I like spreading it nice and thick, too.

    Vigimite for life. Though, If you're going to eat Nuttella, instead maybe melt some cooking chocolate mix in some cream & peanutbutter & believe it or not you've created a much healther homemade version : D

    Vegemite for toast and sangers. Nutella for pretty much anything else including my coffee every so often.

    I'm sorry, I thought this was Straya. Give me Vegemite or give me death!

      Ask and you shall receive.


      [Cement truck slide extends and a steady stream of Vegemite flows to EnergyDrinkHigh]

    Peanut butter

    Nutella occasionally gets used as a treat, but it's mostly palm oil and sugar - I just can't justify eating it.

    Yeah the real question should have been Vegemite or Peanut butter. That'd be like picking between your children. Nutella is just chocolate-flavoured trash.

      On one drunken eve many years ago, I put the two together and created something beautiful! I dare you to try ;) you really have to have the ratio right though, a little bit of Vegemite gives peanut butter the slight saltiness it needs

        Yeah, I have a friend who eats vegemite and peanut butter together. I consider her the Dr Frankenstein of savoury spreads.

        Just let me get a few drinks in me first...

    I purchase Mighty Might.
    It's actually owned by an Australian company.

    Buying vegemite just sends money overseas.

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    Nutella is at it's best when eaten off a spoon.

    The only sweet spread that really works on toast is that Dutch Cookie Spread you can get from ALDI. It tastes like a giant cookie that you get to customise the amount of crunch to.

    Vegemite (in a nice thin layer for that salty savoury goodness).

    I didn't even know that Nutella on toast was A Thing.

    I have a feeling the answers to this would not be swinging the same way in 'merica, but looking at who they just elected as President we're free to question their judgement.

    Nut allergy here, so no question for me. The real question should have been Vegemite vs Promite. I can't stand Promite.

    Also, vegemite + cheese scrolls as one champ already mentioned.

    I don't see the appeal of Nutella at all to be frank. I like chocolate, but chocolate covered bread smeared on in the litres like I see people do, seems disgusting. There's no pride in eating a whole tub of Nutella.

    Now eating a whole tub of Vegemite, that's a point of Australian pride...

    Marmite. Vegemite: if I must. Nutella: never (dislike hazelnuts and the chocolate isn't good enough to make up for them).

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    Nutty chocolate spread on bread, or whatever the hell Vegemite is... Hmmm...

      The ingredients in Vegemite? Near as I can figure it's basically compost, soaked in horse urine, stirred in a vat with old gym shoes, then left to mature under a peat bog.

        I am reminded of Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent, where Rincewind tries to make soup with beer, burns it, and makes vegemite by accident.

          Well, what do you expect? We had to find a use for Vic Bitter at some point, :-P

          I haven't read that book yet but I have read enough to know Pratchett's humour has a logical lining too it.

          Those who slam Vegemite most likely don't know that said spread is a yeast extract which makes the joke funnier in my eye.

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        Well, Nutella comes from Donald Trump's own mouth.


          Low blow. Some places you figure there's an unspoken agreement not to go.

            This is me you're talking to; my posts show I have a very dark and twisted sense of humour.


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