The Division Only Costs $21 On Amazon

The Division Only Costs $21 On Amazon

Why not? Everything’s on sale.

Whether you’ve got a friend or not, this offer might tempt you. Amazon is currently selling Ubisoft’s MMO third-person shooter for $US10 across all platforms, with the cheapest shipping option costing $US5.59.

Converted to dollarydoos, that means you can pick up one of the biggest Ubisoft releases of 2016 for a paltry $21. Or $21.89, if you want to pay Amazon in Australian dollars directly.

The Division launched March 8 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Eight months later, it’s available for the cost of a pub lunch.

It’s a great year to be a cheap gamer.


    • You can have plenty of fun playing with a mate and just levelling to 30 (I think that’s the cap, from memory). Even if you’re playing solo, that’s still a good 25-30 hours of gameplay.

      If you like shooters and loot-based games, that isn’t a bad offer.

      • I played the beta and just found it so boring. It also suffers from the same problem I have with most loot based games.

    • JB Hi-Fi gave me $15 for it in a trade in and I felt like I ripped them off. Biggest let-down since Brink for me.

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