The Division Only Costs $21 On Amazon

Image: Steam/The Division

Why not? Everything's on sale.

Whether you've got a friend or not, this offer might tempt you. Amazon is currently selling Ubisoft's MMO third-person shooter for $US10 across all platforms, with the cheapest shipping option costing $US5.59.

Converted to dollarydoos, that means you can pick up one of the biggest Ubisoft releases of 2016 for a paltry $21. Or $21.89, if you want to pay Amazon in Australian dollars directly.

The Division launched March 8 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Eight months later, it's available for the cost of a pub lunch.

It's a great year to be a cheap gamer.


    Why not?

    Cause The Division is boring and repetitive?

      You can have plenty of fun playing with a mate and just levelling to 30 (I think that's the cap, from memory). Even if you're playing solo, that's still a good 25-30 hours of gameplay.

      If you like shooters and loot-based games, that isn't a bad offer.

        I played the beta and just found it so boring. It also suffers from the same problem I have with most loot based games.

      It has changed alot since then tho. The 1.5 patch revamped everything and added Survival Mode in Dark Zone which effectively made it DayZ in the dark zone.

      Not to mention using this will literally makes the game less than 8 dollar AUD lol.

      JB Hi-Fi gave me $15 for it in a trade in and I felt like I ripped them off. Biggest let-down since Brink for me.

    Do they expect people to pay that much for it?
    Belongs in the bargain bins maybe if it was $2.

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