The Funniest Steam Award Nominations

The Funniest Steam Award Nominations

This year, for the first time ever, Valve is giving out Steam Awards. The whole thing is community-driven, with Steam users nominating games and even submitting their own award categories. As you’d expect, the internet has taken its solemn duty very seriously. By which I mean the opposite of that.

Here are some of the best award nominations and categories I’ve come across:

And finally, the award category to end all award categories:

Buckle in. It’s worth it.


  • I got stuck picking my own award… I picked the award “Most buggy Day Zero Launch”… then I got stuck cause there was so many games that I couldnt decide.

    Then I picked the “Australia Tax is a $20 USD ripoff” and picked Fallout 4.

  • I nominated Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for the “Lousy Port Needing A Patch From A Fan To Make It Acceptable Because The Developers Were Too Slack” Award.

    Come on, you know it’s true- you all use DSFix, don’t you?

    • Yup. “Worst Port Made Great By Fan Patches” Award definitely goes to DS:PtDE.
      DSFix, PvP Watchdog & DSCfix. Oh, and of course who could forget the best mod of all: “Thanks Obama”. 😀

  • “Most Overrated Game” Award – Undertale

    I don’t understand this. Overhyped sure, but overrated? No way. That game surprised me even after hearing the initial buzz. Great game. But the incessant gibbering afterwards that insisted it being the greatest thing ever was beyond ridiculous.
    So yeah. Overhyped, not overrated.

    • You get hyped for something before its released. Overhyped would be Sombra’s release in Overwatch. Overhyped would be No Man’s Sky. Overhyped would be every game that Bethesda has released that had a kickass trailer but isn’t Fallout/TES/Dishonored so it flopped/did mediocre (aka bad for Bethesda standards) Overhyped, however, is NOT Undertale.
      The biggest reason Undertale is overrated is because its an rpg VIDEO GAME and everyone thinks its God’s gift to the world (literally saw someone said it was the second coming of Christ on youtube…). The fanbase is cringy and overuses all of the memes they create and STILL worship it more than the FNAF fanbase worships the whole FNAF series. And thats hard to do.
      TL;DR: Overhyped is before a game is released. Personally didn’t heard of it (maybe once) before release, but then everyone started becoming like the phandom and ruining most of the good parts of youtube.
      Don’t worry though, it won’t win overrated. All the weebs are voting for it to go the “I’m not Crying …” award.

  • I nominated The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for “Game that should have been remastered instead of Skyrim” award.

  • And here I thought I was being clever by nominating Metal Gear Solid V for *The Best “A Hideo Kojima Game” Game award*

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