The King Of Fighters XIV Update Makes The Game Less Ugly

The King Of Fighters XIV Update Makes The Game Less Ugly

On the top left we have a screenshot from the release version of The King of Fighters XIV, a game that transformed beautiful 2D characters into lifeless 3D husks. On the bottom right, a shot from the game’s 1.10 update, which is looking to add a little life back into the game. This is good.

The screenshot teasing the update’s appearance at this weekend’s PlayStation Event event might not look drastically different on its lonesome.

Version 1.10

Version 1.10

But when placed side-by-side with an original screenshot snagged by King of Fighters community manager Gatoray (via NeoGAF) the difference is immediately clear.

Version 1.05

Version 1.05

The shading, the lighting and subtle bits of the character model itself are changed, creating a look that, while not perfect, is still a fair ways from the mannequin face of the original.

Plenty of fighting games get balance changes long after release. Not many of them get graphical updates. Good on SNK for addressing the look of The King of Fighters XIV as well as the feel.

The 1.10 update for the game will be playable at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience event.


  • Interesting. Darker darks, lighter lights. It now has a similar cartoony shader setup to that of the MvC/TvC series.

    Still not as good looking as GG, but hopefully the graphical improvement helps to bolster the community for a game which has genuinely fun and approachable mechanics.

  • Wow.. this game is considered ugly?

    It might not be the best looked 2D fighting game, but its far from ugly

    And at least its a good fighting game, unlike some other names-not-to-be-mentioned 2D fighting games

  • Changing from sprites to 3D models definitely made it ugly. But this is the world we live in. That old style won’t sell games.

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