The New Dishonored Trailer Is A Weird 3D Pop Up Book

The New Dishonored Trailer Is A Weird 3D Pop Up Book
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If Bethesda were gunning for “Most Unusual AAA Trailers” award of 2016, they’re doing a damn good job of winning so far.

Remember when AAA trailers were all about fast cut-aways of in-game footage and long sweeping shots from cut scenes?

Dishonored 2 isn’t doing that.

Instead, Bethesda has crafted a video where all the action unfolds on a 3D pop-up book. It’s … weird. It’s not what AAA games generally do.

I don’t know whether the message works for me, but I like that it’s so … different. It fits with the black magic and mystique that Dishonored is trying to sell.

Dishonored 2 is due out on November 11. Are you excited or interested in the game?


  • It’s just a riff of the Game of Thrones title sequence. Having said that I prefer it to that live action one.

    This is the one game I am going to buy over this ridiculous time period of too many releases. I hope it measures up to the first game, which was refreshingly original!

  • I like it.

    It shows that there is more of an emphasis on their story. I see this as a confidence in their story, which they must feel is the important part of their game so they don’t need to show you exaggerated gameplay — ie. “LOOK AT THIS GUN!~” – “BIG EXPLOSIONS, MUCH HAPPENING!” -“*Conor McGregor yelling* fooking GET. IN. THERE!~” — They just show you the story that you’ll be experiencing.

  • I like it. It is different which is part of that reason. There’s been heaps of developer diaries and character videos, so why not? As stated above, it showcases the story and as titled, the narrative. Wonderful….I can’t wait.

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