The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Goes On Sale Again Today

Image: Gizmodo

If you missed out on the lottery that was the EB Games sale and elsewhere, here's another chance to get one before Christmas.

As Press Start noted earlier today, Catch of the Day will be taking pre-orders on the Mini NES from tomorrow to mark the Black Friday deals.

It doesn't kick off until 4:00 PM AEST tomorrow, which helps because you'll need to sign up to the site's Catch Club service first. You'll need to put in your CC details to register for the 30-day free trial, but most people will probably deal with the hassle of that to get a Mini NES pre-Christmas.

Image: Catch of the Day

If you're not going to get one from a hawker or have it shipped overseas, your last opportunity besides Catch of the Day is to hit up local Target stores. There's little chance of any stock being left by the end of this week, but you never know your luck.


    Nope. Not going though this lesson in futility again.

      Very wise.

        Honest truth is I have the Japanese model and I was only trying to secure one for a good friend of my brother.

        But as it stands, there have been too many fiascos and I've been burned enough.

        Especially from Amazon when they faked an out of stock error so they could change the item details to block overseas buyers.

          Can i please ask what you do to get the famicom japanese version.
          My logic is Nintendo have historically and traditionally looked after their home country significantly better than abroad, so the Famicom should be more easy to procure than the western NES.
          But i don't know what process i would go through (the most i have ever done online is Amazon or ebay or book depository)

            Nothing fancy, I just lucked out and found the Japanese Famicom Classic on Amazon and the seller I purchased from shipped to Australia from Japan.

            Like e-Bay (so you most likely have the skills already) you basically do your search and then look at the reviews of the sellers that will ship to Australia and see if they have good reviews under their belt.

            Overall, the item is there; you just need to make sure it is the real deal and not a Chinese knockoff (seems like they have been around for some time and I almost bought one thinking it was the Famicom Classic).

            To start you off, here is the link to the item I purchased. You just have to filter through the seller options to find one that ships to Australia.


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            Go to Play Asia or Solaris Japan, they're both good, trustworthy sites that stock it.

            I've personally purchased quite a bit of stuff from both with no issues at all.

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    Once more unto the breach, dear friends?

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    If you're not going to get one from a hawker or have it shipped overseas, your last opportunity besides Catch of the Day is to hit up local Target stores.

    Wait, what? Are you saying some Targets have them in stock?

    EDIT: Looked around and it seems like Target will have some available for online order "sometime early December".

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    Get your marshmallows, time for another server fire.

      Oh, I didn't read your comment properly and you'd already made the punchline... As you were.

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    This just got put in the mail for me. I await it in the next few days. So damn excited, i'll have all the 30 nes games plus a myriad of around 9,970 more games from arcades and consoles. The little nes is pretty awesome though and if they bring out a snes mini, which is a certainty one would think, I'll definately buy it. That one was my jam back in the day.

      Good god the mark up on this is insane. Raspberry Pi, and a Mame Emulator with some arcade buttons, would run you up like $100 for the parts. Good if you've got money to blow and don't want to set it up yourself I guess, but damn, that's pricey

        yeah, for the 10,000 preloaded games and not having to do any work with loading the Pi and physically building the controller, worth every damn cent. I already poured countless hours into my previous project which died in the arse. This, I was happy to pay for.

        I actually had an apple watch series 2 on order as a birthday present for myself, saw this, canceled the watch and bought this instead. So pretty much both those things are a waste of money from certain peoples perspectives. Not mine though. As a 41 year old man.....having every game of my youth in one box is priceless

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    my gf wanted to get this for me as a christmas present, but when she wasn't able to with the clusterbomb that was EB, I ended up with a retropie! woo! much happier with this outcome :D

    COTD have worse servers than EB games

    COTD is a total shitfight, I'd give this a wide, wide berth.
    Even on the near impossible chance you do get through, they tend to take forever to deliver goods.

    Nope, this is all way too much work for something I only want to sit on my shelf and look cool. I love you Nintendo, but get buggered.

    Catch of the Day, there is a blast from the past. They used to have one (good?) thing a day, then went to shit years ago.

    This is the first time I've seen the price, I would've pictured it cheaper...

    Man I seriously want one so bad, why would Nintendo to this to a veteran player like me? Why? WHY???

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