The Original Xbox Prototype Looked Like A NASA Project

Image: Wikipedia Commons

The original Xbox was not a pretty beast - but neither was the prototype.

In case you didn't know, today - at least in the US - marks 15 years since the original Xbox launched. The service has come an awful long way, especially if you consider what the original prototypes looked like.

I mean ... fuck. That's a gargantuan beast.

The prototype hardware has been shown in the wild before, but Aaron Greenberg wheeled it out again for a Snapchat story to commemorate the anniversary of the division. And that wasn't the only toy to come out of the vault:

A prototype Steel Battalion controller from 2002.

I wonder how long it'll be before someone remodels a version of that for Star Citizen.


    I was so disappointed when I discovered that the XBox didn't actually look like that prototype model.

    Fun fact: This is an item you can get in the original Dead Or Alive: XTreme Beach Volleyball game.

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