The PS4 Finally Gets Its Own Elite Controller (Sort Of)

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It's not an official controller from Sony, but then nothing that isn't the bog standard DualShock 4 is. So if you're a diehard PS4 player and you'd like a pad that works natively with your console while having offset thumbsticks, or you'd just like something a little like the Xbox Elite controller, this is for you.

It's called the REVOLUTION Pro Controller. It'll be available from next month for $180, making it slightly cheaper than the Elite or any of the custom SCUF controllers on the market.

The main point of interest here, however, can immediately be seen in the following marketing shot:

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Back paddles. They're by far and away one of the best features of the Elite controller, since it means you no longer have to keep pushing the left stick to sprint. (A few games still use R3 as melee, a constant annoyance that ceases to die.)

Importantly, the REVOLUTION Pro also as a "companion PC application" that lets you remap and assign buttons as you please. There's also a 3m long USB cable which can be detached and some fluff about "46o amplitude dual analogue sticks, enhanced with innovative firmware" which sounds like it could literally be anything from an inbuilt-hack to a thumb massage.

Either way, this is the closest PS4 users can get to a native Elite controller of their own. Unless you actually buy an Elite controller and then get a dongle to trick Sony into making it work. That will set you back a lot more than $180 though, and it's a right pain in the arse when the connection randomly drops out.

The REVOLUTION Pro hits stores "mid-to-late December". No word on what stores will be stocking it, but it's a safe bet that one or both of JB Hi-Fi and EB Games will have a few. If you'd like, I'll try and get my hands on one so I can let you know what it's like.

Update: Turns out the space in the original press release was a typo. Friday. JB are also selling it from December 15, while EB has it from December 22. Same price at both stores, if you were wondering.


    I'd be keen to hear more about this. I definitely don't want to sink near 200 dollars into something for it to not actually be very good

    Definitely keen to hear more, especially in terms of battery life.

      It has either 0 or infinite battery life, depending on how you look at it (it is a wired controller).

        Ohhhh... right. Sorry, I read detectable USB cable and assumed it was rechargeable.

    Needs a review. I don't think I'm a fan of off set though. But seeing how I've never tried it... I just dunno!

    Still Cheaper than Razers Raiju. I'm not a fan of asymmetric thumbsticks though.

    A wired controller for $180? LMAO

      **Wired connection required for use with PS4™

      Yep, seems the EB & JB have more info on this than the manufacturer.

    Looks great besides the terrible looking d-pad. What a shame

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