The Simpsons Predicted President Trump Sixteen Years Ago

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. The Simpsons saw this coming, way back in the year 2000.

In this episode, "Bart to the Future," Lisa has been elected President and, as Deadline points out, must contend with the "budget crunch" her predecessor, President Donald Trump, left for the country.

This October, The Guardian asked Matt Groening about the episode. "We predicted that he would be president back in 2000 — but [Trump] was of course the most absurd placeholder joke name that we could think of at the time, and that's still true." he replied. "It's beyond satire."

Groening added that he "highly" doubted Trump would be elected, but added this if he were: "Mr Trump's election, as horrible as it would be, would be great for comedy — as comedians always say..."


    Then there was the episode where Bart was running for school president but missed out because no one voted. We should look to the Simpsons for future predictions 😂



    Back To The Future II did it back in 1989.

    In 1974, after Bill Clinton lost his bid for a Senate seat, Hillary lashed out at campaign manager Paul Fray calling him a, “f*cking Jew bastard!”…/20…/jul/18/uselections2000.usa

    As a candidate, Clinton has said she wants more women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed to come forward. But she diligently sought to discredit the many affairs of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as part of a “bimbo eruption.”

    And who can forget how she dismissed the Monica Lewinsky scandal as a “vast right-wing conspiracy?”

    The Clinton Foundation has accepted millions in donations from Saudi Arabia, which a feminist magazine rates as one of the 10 worst countries in the world for women. It’s a country where women can’t even drive cars.

    As First Lady, Hillary called young black men “super-predators” indicating that she thought all young black males were violent criminals. She also said, “We have to bring them to heel,”…/hillary-clinton-goes-full-bitch-on-b…

    While serving in the US Senate, Hillary tried to make a joke that disparaged a civil rights icon and demeaned all people from India. “I love this quote. It’s from Mahatma Gandhi. He ran a gas station down in St. Louis for a couple of years. Mr. Gandhi, do you still go to the gas station?”

    In 2005 Hillary said, “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants.” She also, as a Senator, voted to construct a wall between the US and Mexico.…/hillary-clinton-was-for-buildin…/

    During the 2008 democratic primaries Hillary Clinton’s campaign started the “birther” rumors, questioning Obama’s US citizenship. They even circulated the now famous picture of Obama in full Muslim garb.…/hillary-clinton-tries-to-deny-her-ro…

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    TLDR Donald's a racist that hates women!

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